I saw a fellow blogger answer questions like this months ago, but I don’t remember who. However, whoever you are, thank you for the inspiration!
Wear one outfit || A dress! If I had to pick one just one dress, it would probably be my black wrap dress because it’s the most easy to style a variety of ways. This time of year I’d wear it with black tights & black boots, while in the warmer months I’d opt for black flats or nude wedges.
Style Icon || Duchess Catherine always looks timeless & flawless while being perfectly suited for the occasion.
Shop at one store || Anthropologie (if I could afford it). Going off what I CAN afford? Loft!! All the way.
Carry one hand bag || ainlove the brown cross body bag I currently carry that my Mother-in-law got me two Christmases ago! I’m not sure what brand it is, but it’s the perfect size; large enough to fit the essentials, small enough I can’t overfill it. I also love that she enlisted my best friend’s assistance in selecting it – so thoughtful!
Wear one scent || Miss Dior! It’s what I wore on our wedding day & the scent is so classic!
Pick one flower || Hydrangeas! Well, actually maybe dahlias since they’re gorgeous & were our main wedding flower…

Apply one mascara || Maybelline’s The Falsies.

Do one workout || Zumba!

Live by one quote || Always stay humble & kind.

6 thoughts on “ONE

    1. Absolutely! I saw someone do something like this months ago, but can’t remember who!

      I feel like daisies are some of the happiest flowers! I used to love yoga, but have lost so much of my flexibility! I need to try & get back into it again!


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