Why I Want to be a Counselor

There are a multitude of reasons that I feel counseling is the career I need to pursue, and today I thought I would share a few of them.


I have a deep passion for adolescents and the intense collision of worlds that begins to occur when you are working through puberty. My ideal population to work with would be middle school through college because there is so much at play as people discover who they want to be and navigate the place they want to have in the world. There are so many adult issues that begin to grow in scope and confrontation while you’re going through this developmental stage, and I want to help people find the tools to navigate this season well and set themselves up for future success.


I love hearing people’s stories and helping them find patterns or commonalities in what they’re experiencing. I am a big fan of narrative therapy and the power in defining your own experience and not the experience the world is dictating to you.


I have a heart for women and women’s issues when it comes to what brings them to counseling. I worked for a short time with an organization that serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and I want to work to empower these individuals and to help them rediscover self-worth and value that may have been stripped away. I have a heart for women who have a miscarriage or are dealing with unexpected pregnancy or infertility and the immense weight these experiences can inflict upon your psyche.

I have a passion for parenting and helping to increase the communication and relationship between parents and their children. I worked in parenting research for three years and love reading the latest research and literature that is published. I want to help affirm and equip parents who are struggling with the diverse issues presented through leading a family.

These are just a few of the reasons I want to become a counselor and the populations I would ideally want to work with in the future.

In addition though, I feel like the mental healthcare field needs advocates to lobby at the state and national level for the acceptance, funding and awareness of the services provided by counselors.

In our country, physical medicine is something that is assumed -if you’re sick, you go to a doctor. However, mental health care is not treated with the same respect or ease of access.

Even after so much advocacy, this field still has so much attached stigmatization because people don’t want to be seen as “crazy”. This stigma comes in large part from the rhetoric used around mental health and the actions of the past in treating people as criminals, locking them in asylums or demonizing them as witches.

We have a long road ahead of us to bring mental healthcare into a place of normalization where it is covered by insurance and treated the same as visiting a doctor for a physical ailment. I want to be part of bringing this change to national and global understanding of the importance of mental healthcare.



4 thoughts on “Why I Want to be a Counselor

    1. I have that same wish Mattie! I feel our society will be so much healthier and able to communicate better if we can reverse the stigma!


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