36 Things That Bring Me Joy

I received a beautiful birthday gift from my in-laws this year! Though my birthday isn’t for a few more weeks, they gave me permission to open my gift early. Its the fun yellow tote from Kate Spade, one of my favorite handbag designers! I love that the flower design is laser cut outs and know this bag will be all I reach for this spring and summer when the threat of rain or snow doesn’t hang in the forecast!


Within the packaging, Kate Spade included a card with “36 things that bring deborah lloyd joy” and I am using that as inspiration for my own list today. These are in no particular order, but just little rays of joy in life.

  1. handwritten letters
  2. a sunny day
  3. scented candles
  4. the scent of magnolia
  5. a smile
  6. the night sky
  7. homemade meals
  8. multi-generational recipes
  9. bubble baths
  10. rainy sunday afternoons
  11. the first cup of coffee
  12. the first snow storm of the season
  13. the unbridled joy of a dog whose happy to see you
  14. hydrangea bushes in full bloom
  15. a glass of prosecco on a hot summer’s day
  16. a fresh manicure
  17. hiking with my husband
  18. passport stamps
  19. the perfect nude lipstick
  20. freshly shaped eyebrows
  21. forests of colored leaves in the fall
  22. a clean, organized home
  23. a hug from an old friend
  24. old movies
  25. heirloom jewelry
  26. phone calls with my grandmothers
  27. dresses
  28. finding the perfect glasses for your face
  29. the feeling after you finish a really good book
  30. old homes lovingly restored
  31. freshly squeezed lemonade
  32. a fresh haircut
  33. candid photographs
  34. the scent of lemon
  35. snuggles with my husband
  36. seeing kindness in action

What brings you joy?

6 thoughts on “36 Things That Bring Me Joy

    1. I love your joyful list! Fuzzy socks are the best – so comfy! Every time I see a perfectly blue sky, I sing the song from Oliver about “there’ll never be a day so sunny, it cannot happen twice” and new books make me want to sit & read for hours!


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