Guys Behind the Blog

Another opportunity to bring William to the blog! I’m posting a day early since my birthday is tomorrow and I have a different post planned, but William & I are having fun doing these!

Name two things your wife has taught you.

Patience and humility.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The Alabama Arkansas game.

(Sarah’s note: The night of our wedding, since we had a morning ceremony and reception, we had all of our out of town guests at our home as an open house to continue celebrating and spending time together.)

For real though, being able to sing one of my favorite songs, from my favorite band, to you during our first dance.

(Sarah’s note: Our first dance was to In My Life by the Beatles.)

What is something you would love to receive for Valentine’s Day?

We don’t do gifts for that holiday. We like to give gifts over receiving them and would rather share an experience than something material. Our best memories are always when we travel together; from Bari to Berlin to New York to Jackson Hole, spending time traveling with her is the best. If I had to receive something, it would be the opportunity to travel somewhere new with Sarah.

What is the best date you and your wife have ever had?

I would say when we spent the weekend in Fort Collins. It’s when I realized Sarah loved me enough to brewery hop with me even bough she couldn’t drink any of the beer.

If money was no option and you could go anywhere in the world with just your spouse, where would you go and what would you do?

We would go troll hunting in Scandinavia.

Valentine’s Day – Hallmark holiday or real holiday?

Well, our engagement anniversary is the day before so I see it as a holiday, but Valentine’s is a commercialized celebration of a sentiment we should share with each other every day. I get having a holiday for the birth and death of Jesus or the end of a war, but we should show love every day.

What is your favorite romantic comedy?

The Holiday; it’s one of Sarah’s favorites and it’s the least annoying of Jude Law’s characters and I love the cottage. We want to retire to the English countryside.

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