73 Questions at 28

Back in July, one of my favorite bloggers, Bailey Jean of Brave Love, answered these questions about turning twenty-five, so I thought it would be fun to answer these same questions as I turn twenty-eight.
  73 Questions at 28
  1. What are you most excited about these days? I’m really excited for our trip to Buffalo and Pittsburgh in March! We’re going to spend a quick few days getting acquainted with the area of the country we’re moving to, and spend a couple days with my grandmas in Pittsburgh.
  2.  Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving!
  3. Favorite season? Autumn.
  4. Recent hobby?  Knitting.
  5. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? I don’t know that I’d want to, honestly.
  6. If you could have coffee with someone from the past, who would it be? I’d love to have coffee with my maternal great-grandmother. She immigrated to the states from Yugoslavia (modern day Croatia) as a teenager & my mama always speaks so fondly of her.
  7. What’s the best thing that happened this year? The best thing that happened during twenty-seven was going to Berlin. Hands down!
  8. What’s the best way to decompress? A hot bubble bath & a pot of tea.
  9. What’s the weirdest word in the English language? Kerfluffle. I love it, but its an odd one.
  10. If you had one superpower, what would it be? The ability to understand and speak every language in the world; I’d love to have that power of communication!
  11. Who do you miss most? I miss my family & popping over to just hang out like I was able to do when I lived in the same town. Passed away, probably my PapPap; he was the most recent family member to pass away & I wish I had gotten more time with him.
  12. Who was the last person to text you? My family! My brother found an article about the babies being the funniest, and it was a group response about how true that was!
  13. Who are three people, alive or dead, that you would have dinner with? Oh! It’s a challenge to choose just three! Alive, I’d love to have dinner with Julie Andrews, Emma Watson and Duchess Catherine; Julie Andrews has been my favorite since childhood and her variety of experiences intrigues me, I would love to discuss politics, feminism & books with Emma, and I’d love to discuss style and philanthropy with Catherine. Deceased, I’d love to have dinner with Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Saint Peter; Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite President and I’d love to hear about his adventures in the Badlands from his own stories, Winston Churchill is my favorite Prime Minister and I’d love to hear about his love for painting, his family & his country, Saint Peter is the rock upon whom church doctrine follows his example and leadership and I’d love to hear about what it was like spreading the Gospel in those early days of the church and passionate dialogue about his friend and Messiah. I know six is cheating, but I had to 😉
  14. Last book you read? The last book I finished was Queen Victoria’s Granddaughters by Christina Croft. I am currently reading The President’s Kitchen Cabinet by Adrian Miller.
  15. Book you plan on reading? The next book on my list to read is The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups by Erika Christakis.
  16. Book you read because everyone else in the world was reading it? Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. It was an enthralling read, but probably not something I would have read without prompting from almost all the women in my life.
  17. A book from your childhood that positively shaped you? Oh! There are so many! Anne of Green Gables, Caddie Woodlawn, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pride & Prejudice, the Dear America series, Little Women, the American Girl series, The Babysitters Club series… I have loved to read forever & so many books were dear treasures in childhood!
  18. Favorite TV show that’s currently on TV? Fixer Upper or Life in Pieces.
  19. Favorite ice cream? Mint chocolate chip or cherry garcia frozen yogurt.
  20. What makes you smile the most? Watching William and Mavis play together – its adorable!
  21. First pet? A hermit crab in a rainbow shell, appropriately named Rainbow.
  22. Worst subject in school? Math.
  23. Favorite game? As a kid I adored this amazon adventure game and a Carmen San Diego game on my computer. In high school I loved Disney Scene-It. As an adult, I think Cards Against Humanity is hilarious and I still love playing Phase 10 or other card or dice games with my family.
  24. Coolest thing in the world? Seeing someone master a skill or do something they were meant to do. The light in a person’s eyes during both of these moments is magical.
  25. Cutest thing in the world? Puppies & gummy baby smiles.
  26. Favorite thing in the world? Snuggling with William; it is the most comforting feeling I have felt.
  27. One talent you wish you had? I really wish I was fluent in a second language.
  28. One thing you still have from your childhood?  My yellow bear. He was a rattle, but Mavis got a hold of him when we first got her and she bit down just right to break the rattle, so now he’s just a squidggy plush.
  29. What’s your patronus? According to Pottermore its a black mare.
  30. Last song you listened to on your phone? Love Me Now by John Legend.
  31. Favorite song lyrics? Humble & Kind.
  32. What song would you probably be caught dancing alone to? Lately it’s been I See a Victory by Kim Burrell from the Hidden Figures soundtrack or Love Me Now.
  33. If you could work the runway, what song would it be? Brown Eyed Girl is a fun one!
  34. Best gift you’ve ever been given? I love my engagement ring because it’s the symbol of my husband’s love & desire to marry me, I love the pearl ring my grandma gave me that PapPap had brought her from Vietnam, I love that my Grammy gave me a quilt she made that she began working on in the first year of her marriage, I love that my mama gave me her grandmother’s rocking chair. I love the sentimental gifts that have love etched into their very existence in my life.
  35. Fashion icon? Duchess Catherine.
  36. What did you wear to your prom? Junior year it was a strapless, dusty purple ball gown and senior year it was a strapless black ballgown with a very pretty black lace overlay on the bodice.
  37. Who was your date to your prom? My friend Matthew and I went to both of our proms together.
  38. Favorite movie of all time? Mary Poppins and Beauty & the Beast are tied.
  39. Favorite movie of the last five years? The Martian, although Arrival was really good and I want to watch it again.
  40. Movie that made you cry? I cry watching everything! The last movie I cried watching was Arrival.
  41. Movie that made you laugh the hardest? The most recent movie that made me laugh was The Lego Movie.
  42. If you could make a documentary, what would it be about? There are so many incredible documentaries already out there! I would love to work on a documentary about the importance of school counseling or that highlights incredible educators in some way. The older I get, the more education matters to me.
  43. Favorite TV show? Boy Meets World will always be my favorite from childhood.
  44. If you could make a cameo in any TV show what would it be? Kevin Can Wait or Last Man Standing would both be fun!
  45. Best plot twist of all time? I don’t know about all time, but recently the plot twist in Arrival was really interesting.
  46. Twitter or Instagram? Twitter.
  47. Who should everyone be following right now? Two of my favorites are Pope Francis (@Pontifex) and my husband (@wmnothington).
  48. Favorite food? Sushi.
  49. Favorite dessert?  Creme Brûlée.
  50. Favorite band? Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes or Of Monsters & Men are the three I listen to most often.
  51. Favorite solo artist? Adele. As a kid I was obsessed with Trisha Yearwood though!
  52. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be? Trish Yearwood.
  53. What would be the title of your autobiography? Love, Sarah.
  54. Favorite sound? Rain, coffee shop ambiance, and classical orchestral music featuring a piano, oboe or cello.
  55. Least favorite sound? Fear.
  56. Favorite animal? Elephants!
  57. First celebrity crush? Josh Hartnett.
  58. Current celebrity crush? Henry Cavill, John Krasinski, Chris Pratt and Luke Evans. 
  59. What is your kryptonite? Lemon flavored foods?
  60. Guilty pleasure? Cheesy Disney channel shows and movies.
  61. Most proud moment? Spearheading a multi-week, multi-platform campaign for a large nonprofit on the age and stage appropriate conversations to have with your kids about sex. It was such a monster project, and leading it through from inception to completion was incredible.
  62. Biggest weakness? I am highly self-critical and can get in my own head.
  63. Skill still unmastered? Pie! One of my goals for year 28 is to perfect a pie & make it my signature dessert!
  64. What is the definition of misery? Feeling trapped.
  65. Biggest learning experience? Learning what true friendship means.
  66. What is your idea of a perfect date? Anytime I’m spending time with my husband! It’s fun to go on a hike & have a picnic or get dressed up for a night of theater or live music.
  67. An experience when you felt the most nervous? Picking William up from the airport through that whole first day together; we hadn’t seen each other in a decade & I was nervous that our chemistry established through texting, social media & phone calls wouldn’t translate in person.
  68. At what age were you the happiest? I’m very happy now, but 25 is when I fell in love with my husband, 26 is when we got married, 27 was steady & I’m excited to see what 28 brings with a move across country, a new job and a new community!
  69. What’s one vice you wish you could give up? Coke or soda of any kind.
  70. If you could teach a college course, what would it be called? The Historical and Cultural Importance of Family.
  71. If you could star in any movie remake, what would it be? Beauty & the Beast, Mary Poppins or Singing in the Rain!
  72. If you were an Olympic athlete, what would your event be? I’m not very athletic, but I wish I would have continued to play volleyball after middle school, so I’ll say volleyball.
  73. If you could offer your 13-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Be kind to everyone.

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