Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! This shortened week absolutely flew by and now March and Lent are truly just a few days away!

Tonight, William and I are going out for sushi – I have been craving sushi like crazy lately!

We watched Arrival last weekend and I loved it. I thought it was incredibly well acted, the cinematography was beautiful and the plot was so interesting! I loved the twist they threw at you and it made me cry. However, the house a linguistics professor lives in made William and I laugh a bit – until we realized she was a government contractor with high-level security clearance, then it made a bit more sense! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you do!

I realized this week (again… I feel like I make this realization every couple years….) that olive green is the color I look best in and that I need more of it in my closet. I went through a period where I was all about the bright colors, but I’m realizing as I get older that I prefer neutrals and deeper colors. I love olive, navy, burgundy, mustard, gray, cream, black, etc. Although, my parents sent me this beautiful lipstick red top for my birthday that I think is a fun color.

I got my hair cut this week and love it! In 2014 I got a pixie that I had through my wedding. Then I’ve been growing it out to reaching my shoulders again, but its just felt rather dull. So, I had my sweet hairdresser cut it into a shorter, playful bob using Jaimie Alexander’s haircut as our inspiration.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my favorite hand cream is the Bath & BodyWorks Aromatherapy Stress Relief in eucalyptus spearmint. It smells incredible and keeps my hands feeling soft, but never greasy. I keep a bottle at work, a bottle by our kitchen sink and a bottle in our bathroom. I love it!

What are you loving this week? 

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Thank you Sara! There is something so confidence boosting about a fresh haircut. Would you believe that is my natural lip color?! Thank you for such a sweet compliment!


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