Meal Plan Monday

I thought it would be fun for the month of March, and potentially beyond, to share our weekly meal plan with y’all. William and I both really enjoy being in the kitchen, but William tends to take on the majority of the cooking since he really loves the creativity and stress-relief that comes from putting a meal together.

I made a batch of breakfast egg muffins for the first part of the week with spinach and bacon. They are so easy to grab in the morning and warm in the microwave! 

For lunches I tend to just bring leftovers and William easy lunch at home every day but Wednesday when we try to get together over lunch. Sometimes he has leftovers with me and sometimes he enjoys a peanut butter sandwich; it just depends on what we’ve made that week.

Tonight we’re having shrimp and grits. William and I have both been craving this Southern classic for awhile, and we enjoyed this meal on Saturday, but had enough shrimp to make two meals, so we’re enjoying it again tonight. The recipe William fixed on Saturday also had bacon and a fried egg – it was incredible!

Tomorrow we’re having bacon grilled cheese. There is something that is comfort food to the max about crispy bacon and gooey cheese. With more snow expected, I wanted something hot and easy, and William makes a bomb grilled cheese!

Wednesday William teaches a night class, so we typically either have leftovers or grab Chinese takeaway. Tonight with it being Ash Wednesday, we’re enjoying some of the big batch of vegetarian chili we made a week ago. 

Thursday we’re having gluten-free schnitzel. We bought a large pack of pork chops at Costco over the weekend, so pork chops of varying kinds are on the menu for the next couple weeks. We also made schnitzel on Sunday, and it was delicious! When we were in Germany in October we both fell in love with schnitzel and have been wanting to make it ourselves since then. I like it with just a squeeze of lemon juice over the fried pork, but william really enjoys the mushroom cream sauce, so we’re doing it both ways this week. Sunday we did it with just the squeeze of lemon, and Thursday we’re making it with the cream sauce. Y’all, you need some schnitzel in your lives!

Friday we’re having tofu or ravioli. Now that it’s Lent, on Fridays we won’t be eating meat. I really enjoy tofu, but William doesn’t. So, he picked up some vegetarian ravioli at Costco to enjoy while I enjoy my tofu! William loves me enough to cook my tofu for me though, so I requested some crispy, roasted tofu tonight.

Saturday we’re having butternut squash pad Thai. We both love pad thai, and we found a fun coconut curry butternut squash recipe that we combined with our love of pad Thai. This meal is so flavorful and healthy! We’re big fans.

Sunday we’re having broccoli chicken casserole. This is another comfort food style meal we both enjoy. It’s basically just chicken, broccoli and rice with some cream of celery and a smidge of cheese to bind it all. It is perfect for this time of year when it is cold, gray and the winds howl st crazy speeds.

This week we’re eating meat free for three of our suppers, something we try to do a couple times a week.

What are y’all eating this week?

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