Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! How are we already three days into March and in the midst of the Lenten season already? This year feels like each week is moving progressively faster than the week before.

First I thought I would share the devotional I am doing every day during Lent alongside the She Reads Truth community. All of their devotionals are wonderful, but as we prepare for the Easter celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection, we are reading through Isaiah in a study called You Are Mine. It is wonderful and I recommend diving in today if you are interested.


I also am reading Blessed Is She because they pull the daily readings for us Catholics into a convenient blog post, and one of my goals this Lenten season is to intentionally read the daily readings every day.


I bought new nail polish last week as a birthday present to myself. I’ve been wanting to try the Essie gel nails system, and picked up the duo with Lace Me Up and the top coat in it. I painted my nails last Friday night when we got home from sushi, and my nails still look great! I’m in love with this sweet blush pink, and look forward to trying out a few other colors in the future too!

What have you been loving this week?

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