A Sunday in Buffalo

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

We spent all day Saturday traveling by plane from Idaho to New York, but we made it and set out straight to exploring our new geographic area of the world Sunday morning!

After we got ready for the day, we headed to grab breakfast at Sophia’s, a little Greek diner type restaurant. The restaurant has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they won the Buffalo Bloody Mary festival a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately we were too early to order a Bloody Mary, but that just means we’ll have to go back again in the future! I ordered their special French toast for the day with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and William ordered their souvlaki breakfast platter that came with potatoes, eggs, a lot of gyro style souvlaki, homemade toast and homemade taziki. Both meals were delicious and the portions were huge! We left very full and very satisfied.

After breakfast, we headed down to walk along the canal side. It was fun to see the USS Little Rock from the ground and read about the history of the canal connecting inland to New York City for improved transcontinental commerce. I’m excited to go back in warmer weather when we can board the Little Rock and spend more time exploring the surrounding area.

We wanted to tour the cathedral while here, and times it perfectly to attend the 10:30 mass. Low and behold, it was a spectacular mass. Our Bishop served as our pastor, and I can already tell he is a precious human being and I’m excited for us to live under his leadership and stewardship of the diocese! Yesterday’s gospel reading was about Jesus being the living water, and the Bishop’s homily was incredible! He shared a story from his seminary days in south Mississippi on an excruciatingly hot and humid day. He and his friend were very thirsty, but had forgotten to bring a beverage and they were very far from the seminary. The only refreshment they found was at a small store with a sign that said “whites only” on the door, and in the conscious of being men of the holy cloth, they could not enter the establishment. The bishop said this was a clear example of when the living water sustained him in place of physical water. He then shared about how we live in the water through our actions of caring for the poor, the refugee, the orphan and the widow. I’m not capturing it all, but I have to say it was the best homily I’ve heard in years! At mass, there was also a confirmation of a woman who leaves on Good Friday for a peace corps mission in the Republic of Georgia, the full regalia of the Knights of St John, and the parade grand marshalls for the Buffalo Irish parade occurring that afternoon. The processional and recessional were so fun! I also loved being back in a church where the choir is in a loft to the back and an organ plays; it was so traditional and lovely! 

After mass we had plans to head to the Teddy Roosevelt Innagural Site, but parking was already crazy for the parade a few hours later, so we found some parking and hung out at a local sports pub until the parade began. The parade was fun with different Irish groups, Irish steppers, lots of bagpipes and a fun group of corgis and Irish setters! 

After we watched a bit of the parade, we walked to the original location of Anchor Bar, the place where what we know as “Buffalo Wings” was born. We enjoyed some tasty wings and warmed up a bit after being outside in the cold.

That night we went to see Beauty and the Beast and it was so beautifully done! I was proud I only went through two tissues, because I had tears falling and chills so often throughout the film! I was a little disappointed none of the Broadway added songs made the film, especially Human Again! However, everything that was in the film I found to be perfect and loved how they filled in plot holes and added back elements of the original fairytale that the 1991 version was missing. I loved there nuance of LeFou and his funny one liners, I loved the character of Agatha, I loved the sets and the costumes and though the casting was truly spectacular! Who knew Dan Stevens can sing like that?! Overall I was so very pleased, and left knowing that we’ll be buying that movie as soon as possible. My love for the story of Beauty and the Beast will always remain! It was the very first movie I ever saw in theaters back in 1992 and Belle has always been my favorite princess!

Overall, I’d say for a day where we had nothing planned (something that drives my sweet husband crazy!), it was a fun filled day in the spirit of Buffalo!

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