House Hunting in NY

Well, we spent a whirlwind couple days touring what seemed to be every house on the market in the area we’re moving to in every little town and community. 

There were some homes that were immediate NOs based on the street or area they were located, how far they were to campus where William will be working, the layout of the rooms, or the work needing to be done to update the home and make it livable. Our price range seemed to be generous, given the variety and number of homes we were able to explore. After all was said and done, we were left with five homes that we went back to our hotel and seriously discussed.

Option one was built in 1997. It had a great sitting room, cute front porch, big back yard and a nice finished basement. However, the rooms were really small and our master furniture wouldn’t have fit, the bathrooms need updating and the kitchen is not usable for our needs. There was a lack of counter space, lack of storage and a weird arrangement of appliances. It would need quite a bit of work pretty immediately; so on a second walk through, my hesitations became more visible than William’s vision for the home.

Option two was a tri or quad split level with a confusing layout. The house was adorable, with a great yard and the master was awesome – two HUGE walk-in closets, plenty of room for our furniture and a sweet little reading nook. However, the layout was weird and the living room was really narrow, so trying to envision us living in that space was a challenge.

Option three was an adorable, well maintained cape cod with a steep driveway and tiered backyard. This home was very lovingly maintained, but the driveway and backyard really were the deal breakers for us, as much as enjoyed the home. The backyard would be really difficult and expensive to fence due to the tiers and the driveway could get really icy in the winter with its steep grade. It was also listed closer to the top of what we wanted to spend.

Option four was a Victorian and an original home to the Olean area. It was not even a block from the high school and built in 1885. It was way too much house for us though and also needed a lot of work. The rooms were huge though!

Option five was a suggestion of our realtor, a Dutch colonial revival built in 1925 during the oil boom that occurred in the area. The home was built for an oil executive and his family, and you can clearly see that no expense was spared in the building because of how solid the bones of the house are and the beautiful materials they used. The sellers have lived in the house for just under 30 years, and have lovingly restored the home and renovated the kitchen. The backyard is a nice size, but needs a fence. There is. Two car garage and a carport. My favorite part is that the home is directly across the street from a park! 

After considering our options and weighing the pros and cons of each one, we decided to make an offer on option five! The house is truly beautiful and standing both in the foyer and upstairs, I could picture our family living in the house for the next several decades. I envisioned taking prom pictures on the stairs and rocking babies in the nursery, I envisioned chasing Mavis and future fur children around the backyard and taking kids across the street to play. It’s a house I can see becoming the home we live a lot of life in and raise a family in. I knew the moment we stepped inside that this was the house I hoped we’d get. So, after a bit of negotiating, we’ve had a verbal offer accepted and are working on the paperwork today.

Provided the sale goes through on our home in Idaho, we have found a home in New York. A home we see ourselves in for life.

The house hunting process was a whirlwind of long days, lots of discussion between ourselves and with our realtors, and about 40 houses in two and a half days!

Please pray that this all goes through!

3 thoughts on “House Hunting in NY

  1. So exciting!! Definitely praying for you! My sister lives in Rochester, and she purchased a home that it’s between ages 4 and 5… and she’s obsessed with it. Loves, loves, loves it. Older houses have so much character. I’m excited that you found something you are equally excited about! I was definitely worried as soon as you mentioned the steep driveway… because I’m pretty sure Buffalo winter is INTENSE. 😉


    1. I’m sure winter will be a bit more intense, but I am looking forward to it! The town we’ll be in is about an hour south of Buffalo and away from the lake, so we’ve been told they get about half as much snow as Buffalo does typically. How does your sister enjoy Rochester?


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