Family Time 

After our time in New York, we drove several hours south towards Pittsburgh to spend time with my family in the area! I am so looking forward to being within driving distance of my grandmothers, my aunt and uncle that also live in the area, cousins in Michigan, an aunt and uncle in New Jersey, and my cousin and my best friend who live in New York City! It will be so nice to not have to depend all day traveling no matter where we are; plus, the flights will be easier to catch to visit my family in Colorado and William’s family in Alabama!

When we first got to Pennsylvania at dinner time on Thursday, my Grandma and Aunt Michelle had dinner ready and waiting since we were thirty minutes late. I felt so bad! Grandma had sweetly listened to William’s request (and mine too!) for pierogis for supper. She had four varieties and hot sausage waiting, plus salad and homemade coffee cake – she spoils us rotten! It was fun to share about our time in New York, the house hunt and just catch up about life.

Friday morning we had a lazy day hanging out at Grandma’s and my cousin Kaitlyn came over for a couple hours too; I don’t think I’d seen Kaitlyn in about 10 years! One of the nicest things we did, in my opinion, was Grandma pulled out old family pictures and shared what she knew about our family on hers and PapPap’s side; we found a picture of Grandma’s great great grnandparents from around the Civil War! We all just hung out and spent time chatting before William and I headed to my Grammy’s that afternoon and Kaitlyn headed to her mom’s (Aunt Michelle). 

We spent Friday afternoon just hanging out with Grammy, sharing again about house hunting and our time in New York. I also got Grammy to pull out old family pictures while we made lasagna, and we found a picture of my Pappy’s great great grandmother! I love getting to see the faces of the individuals I’ve found in our family tree! It was so nice to just spend the day chatting with my Grandmothers and hearing fun family stories.

Saturday morning I got my Grammy to teach me how to make my favorite Christmas cookies, pitzelles! We also went to this little chocolate shop that she used to get us chocolate bunnies from when we were kids for our Easter basket. This year she surprised me with one at checkout! My Grammy’s niece Beverly and her daughter Adrienne stopped by for a quick chat and to meet William. I love them; they are such sweet ladies and love how close they remain to Grammy and that they visit her and have her over for Easter and such when we all live too far away.

Saturday night we went to Aunt Michelle’s for dinner; all of her kids minus her son-in-law Tim were in town for the weekend from Michigan visiting for her birthday. It’s the weekend that falls between Grandma and Michelle’s birthday, so they always get together. It was fun to see my cousins who I haven’t seen in close to a decade, and meet their babies before the next round of babies arrive this summer! It was fun catching up with everyone and spending time together.

We spent that night with Grandma and headed out really early Sunday morning for the Pittsburgh airport to return our rental car from Buffalo, and good thing we got there s bit early because security was the craziest I’ve ever seen it in Pittsburgh. We flew from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City and then drove up to our town in Idaho. Getting to and from Idaho is always an all day affair, so we are excited to be moving back east where that won’t be the case.

Overall our time in Pittsburgh was packed full with family and love, even though our time was short. I’m already looking forward to our next trip down this summer after our move!

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