What’s Up Wednesday


I can’t believe it’s the last Wednesday of the month already! 2017 just seems to be moving more quickly as each week passes.

What we’re eating this week //

Monday night I made some meatballs and we ate pasta and meatballs. It was perfect for a cold, gray day after being away for a week!

Tuesday night we had a BST – bacon, spinach and tomato sandwiches. I like having spinach on hand to mix into scrambled eggs, quiche or smoothies, so we substituted that for the traditional lettuce in our sandwiches.

Tonight we’re having chili that we made a big batch of a couple weeks ago and froze. Wednesday nights William works late, so I like to plan easy meals that we can eat at separate times.

Thursday we’re having butternut squash and black bean tacos. I love this meal! I just roast the butternut squash in the oven

Friday we’re having tuna casserole. I love tuna casserole, and my husband does too, so he requested that this week.

Saturday we’re having sausage and fries. This week at the grocery store, the store brand sausage was on sale and we had some buns in the freezer, so we picked up some hot Italian sausage to enjoy while watching Final Four basketball.

Sunday we’re having ravioli. We found a great flavor at Costco that has fig and pancetta inside it, that tastes great and is so easy to serve up with a salad or mix with veggies!

What I’m loving // There is so much I’m loving this month! I think the biggest thing was visiting our new hometown, finding a home, and visiting family in Pennsylvania!

What we’ve been up to // Its been a busy month of keeping our house clean for showings, beginning the purge and packing stages of moving, traveling to Buffalo, Niagra, our new town and Pittsburgh. March has flown by!

What I’m working on // I am working on getting all things organized and ready for our move – both personally at home, and getting things ready at work for me to leave it.

What I’m watching // I’m loving the Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelts. I love YouTube still, and there is an adorable show on Netflix called Escape to the Country that I just love!

What I’m reading // I’ve been reading up a storm this month! I am currently reading The Second Chance Tea Shop and Little Lessons From the Saints.

What I’m listening to // My favorite podcasts this month have been The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Pantsuit Politics, The History Chicks, The Bowery Boys, Pod Save America and Pod Save the World.

What I’m wearing // In Idaho, its been mostly warm and spring-like, so I’ve been wearing dresses and short sleeves, while in New York it was still quite cold so I pulled my sweaters out again. While visiting campus where William will be teaching, I bought a new sweatshirt that I love – and have snuggled in its coziness a couple times since buying it!

What I’m looking forward to next month // In April I am looking forward to hearing final news about our home situation on both ends; closing in Idaho and moving forward in New York! I am also looking forward to celebrating Easter and enjoying some family walks in the Idaho spring sunshine!

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