Meal Plan Monday

Good Morning! We are already a couple days into April and getting closer to our move and lots of big changes coming up!

This weekend was a nice one. Saturday we went on a family walk, grabbed hot sandwiches from Fred Meyer, took a nap in our sunny yard, and made hot Italian sausages and fries for dinner while watching the great game between Gonzaga and South Carolina. After the game we watched the film Mr. Church and I loved it! I sobbed through it, but it was SO good! Sunday was cold and rainy, so I got caught up on laundry, did some house cleaning and made tuna noodle casserole. We also watched a documentary about sustainable agriculture called Sustainable and found a fun documentary style show called Kindness Diaries. Both were so interesting and compelling. The power of sustainability and the power of kindness are two such amazing components of humanity.

I really like sharing our meal plans for the week, and think meal plan Monday is perfect for that!

William made some hard boiled eggs yesterday, so breakfasts this week will be a hard boiled egg and a couple clementines with my coffee. Lunches tend to be leftovers for me and peanut butter sandwiches or tuna for William since he’s able to go home for lunch most days.

Monday night we’ll have grits with a fried egg and bacon.

Tuesday night we’ll have meatballs and pasta from when I made a big batch of meatballs last week.

Wednesday we’ll have frozen pizza. It’s an easy dinner to have on hand for the nights William teaches class.

Thursday night we’ll have bacon & tomato grilled cheese.

Friday night we’ll have some of the frozen chili from the big batch we made a couple weeks ago. 

Saturday I’m planning to make breakfast for dinner. I love the options this provides and think it’ll probably be spinach scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

Sunday we’ll have the prosciutto fog ravioli which is incredible with balsamic vinegar drizzled over it!

What are you eating this week?

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