Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! This week flew by between the NCAA men’s basketball championship game Monday night and this time of year just being insane at work as we’re in the last month before graduation, which this year is May 5th. Add in trying to get things aligned for a move, with applying for jobs, finishing my application for graduate school in the fall, and getting our “junk room” organized for the move. I’m excited that this weekend is The Master’s tournament – its my favorite golf tournament to watch. When I was a kid, watching golf with my grandparents or daddy used to put me to sleep, but now, watching golf with William, is really interesting and is something I enjoy! Let’s get started with my weekly favorites:


I have been hearing about the podcast S-Town everywhere – Jamie shared it as her “greenlight” last week on The Popcast, my college bestie, Rachel, raved about it and my husband loves it despite it giving him “PTSD” as a “small-town Southern expat”. Y’all, I get why they’re all raving about it, and why I seem to hear about it everywhere I turn. It is genuinely compelling and the story telling tactics greatly live up to the producers’ previous work.


As has been well established, I find genealogy fascinating! I am loving season 8 of Who Do You Think You Are? So far this season we’ve learned that Courtney Cox is descended from ancient British royalty, that Julie Bowen’s ancestors both worked to oppress others and free others – an interesting dichotomy in one family line, that Jennifer Grey’s immigrant grandfather became a pharmacist, And Jessica Biel found out she is Jewish and that one of her ancestors died fleeing military prison by trying to cross the Mississippi and getting shot (she was a little too excited to probe this family legend true!). Y’all, this show is so much fun to watch – it integrates family oral history with different eras we learn about in national and world history, and it just makes me so happy!

 We’ve been trying to go on a walk every evening after work and the weather has been perfect for it! Some days are a bit windy, but it’s so nice to wind down like that every day.

What have you been loving this week?


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love walks, a lot. We have a short season when it’s not impossibly hot here… but I’m hoping we’ll get some in this spring. It definitely is the best way to unwind after a day. I actually use them a lot during the day to manage stress, too.


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