Loving Lately

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! I thought it would be fun to share some of what I’m loving lately as we move into the final weeks of the semester and the final weeks in Idaho.

First is a short devotional that I received a couple weeks ago. This is a beautiful, sturdy book. The photography is beautiful and will make you want to head into the kitchen to make something tasty. Each devotional is food related – titles like Grandma’s Kitchen, Seasoned with Salt, Follow the Recipe and Fingerprints on the Glass. There are 100 devotions by my quick count. The devotions begin with a line or two of scripture, followed by a short story, and culminating in a short prayer. I think this book would make a fun gift for Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, or a birthday for someone who finds joy in the kitchen. (I was sent this book by BookLook Bloggers for Review.)


I have been on a huge strawberry kick lately! Costco has had them for an inexpensive price and they have been so sweet and perfectly ripe! April has definitely been the month of strawberries for me!

Costco also had these amazing adidas slip-ons on sale for roughly half-price of what they’re listed for on the website, so I bought the black and the grey. These shoes are SO comfortable and easy! William calls them soccer mom shoes, but I just love them!

I think this recipe I found on Pinterest is my favorite way to fix salmon. I tweak it a bit playing with different mustards and ratios, but this is the base I always pull up to refer to. I love it on salmon that will be eaten alone with sides of veggies or on salmon that is going into a salad. It tastes so fresh and is so easy!

William and I recently began listening to Bryony Gordon’s Mad World and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love that mental health is coming out of the dark world of things we don’t speak about and becoming a normalized conversation on every level of dialogue. There have only been two real episodes so far; a conversation with Prince Harry and a conversation with Mandy Stevens, the former NHS Mental Health Director. Look it up and have a listen!

The television program we’ve been devouring lately is Father Brown. It’s a BBC show that has five seasons on Netflix that we just recently discovered but are loving! It follows Father Brown as he works to solve mysteries in his community and is based on the books and short stories by G.K. Chesterton. Most of the mysteries are murders or disappearances, and he and the inspector don’t always see eye-to-eye. While I love Father Brown, I don’t know I’d want to live in his community with all of the mysteries that seem to happen, but I do enjoy watching him work to solve them! The show is delightfully British and William loves the nods to his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes. We also love that Father Brown is played by the same actor that portrayed Arthur Weasley, and he is just a joy to watch in this show!

What have you been loving lately?


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