What’s Up Wednesday



What we’re eating this week // Monday we had our fig and prosciutto ravioli with balsamic vinegar and Parmesan as the “sauce”. I also made a side salad. Tuesday we grabbed Cafe Rio for supper. Tonight I’m making salmon Cesar salads. Thursday we’ll have tuna casserole. Friday we’ll have pan-seared pork chops and roasted broccoli and red potatoes. Saturday will be salmon, veggies and potatoes. Sunday will be breakfast for dinner with bacon, eggs and toast.

What I’m reminiscing about // Three years ago today was my brother’s senior prom and the picture of us three siblings popped up in my TimeHop today. This summer he is interning in Spain and he’ll graduate college next year. I can’t believe our family is set to all be “adults” soon!


What I’m loving // I shared a post yesterday about what I’m loving lately, but I’m also loving lemons, organizing our possessions for the pack-up next week and working hard to close this chapter of our lives up well! Not to mention, I am loving American Housewife and Home Town as my series I watch without William.

What we’ve been up to // Cleaning. Organizing. Donating. Packing. Finishing well.

What I’m working on // Finishing well at my job, which means helping students get everything they need to defend their theses, preparing for graduation, and closing the semester.

What I’m excited about // Seeing our families in May, closing on our dream home in New York, the possibilities of what life in New York will be like.

What I’m watching // Father Brown, Who Do You Think You Are, American Housewife, Home Town, Kevin Can Wait, Superior Donuts, Life in Pieces, Brooklyn 99, and The Big Bang Theory.

What I’m reading // The Simplicity of Cider.


What I’m listening to // Podcasts like always. Favorites from April are The Popcast, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, What Should I Read Next, Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Pantsuit Politics, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World, Five Things, and Drinking at Bible Study.

What I’m doing this weekend // Having brunch with friends at our favorite local diner. Taking a car load of donations to the local Idaho Youth Ranch. Packing what is going in our cars that we don’t need for next week.

What I’m looking forward to next month // May will be so full – we close on the sale of our Idaho house, we drive down to Colorado to see my family, we’ll drive from there to Alabama to see my in-laws, then we’ll drive up to New York and close on our dream home. Then, hopefully I will also get a job in May or June!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Prosciutto ravioli with balsamic vinegar?! THAT. SOUNDS. AMAZING. Where do I find this goodness?! Yay for officially selling the Idaho house (I need to catch up blog reading on the biggest way!)… I can’t believe you’re moving across the country SO soon!


    1. Thanks Sara! One more piece of the puzzle falling into place! We get the ravioli from Costco and I just drizzle the balsamic on top because it complements the flavors so well! If you can find it, it is seriously a treat!


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