Weekend Recap

Well, it is now July and the last time I wrote in this space it was April. Life has been a bit crazy since that time, so I thought I would give a quick update before sharing about our weekend.

The first week of May saw my last week of work, our goods being packed up, our home in Idaho closing, and the start of our cross country-adventure with a drive down to Colorado. We stayed in Colorado through Mother’s Day before heading to Alabama where we stayed until the house in New York closed at the end of June. While in Alabama we celebrated Father’s Day, spent a weekend on the Forgotten Coast in Florida, and spent a lot of time with family. Our goods finally arrive this week and we’ll no longer be camping in our house! For the rest of July I’ll be busy getting our home set up and I’m applying for jobs, looking for my fit in our new community. So, as y’all can see, it’s been a busy stretch of time since I last checked in.

Now that I’m back to writing again, I thought sharing about our weekend would be a great place to start.

Friday night was spent having dinner with our kind neighbors, their family and one of the local friars. The neighbors behind us are a sweet retired couple who are a few years younger than my grandparents and who have been angels since we moved in. She was quick to come over, say hello, bring wine and pie, give us their old lawnmower, and love on us. They know everyone it feels like, and have been so inclusive and kind – we even watched the fireworks on our neighborhood hill with them for the fourth. Two of their kids and their families were in town, so they invited us to join them for dinner and it was such a nice night of community and we look forward to building our relationship with them!

Saturday began with a walk along the local river trail with a thirty minute shelter break in a new dog daycare in town. It’s a five and a half mile loop through part of town and along the river and a fast favorite of ours! After our morning exercise, we grabbed brunch at a local maple farm that has the best syrup, best homemade sausage and best gluten-free pancakes! Saturday night we tried the drive-in a town over and during the summer season is the only place I want to go to the movies! It was inexpensive relative to normal theater pricing and we got a double feature of two new releases – Spider-Man Homecoming and Baby Driver. My only complaint was that they don’t start the movie until dark, so I was up way past my bed time!

Sunday we slept in and missed church due to being out past 1:30 at the drive-in. It was a bummer because our new church is amazing! Father is so warm, funny and engaging and the building just became a basilica at the end of June! After we got up and ready we decided to check out a local park and hiking trail which ended up having some beautiful views!

After hiking, we had a lazy day around the house with a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of watching GLOW on Netflix.

This was a great weekend – full of community, exercise, good food & family time. I’m excited to be establishing roots in this community and creating memories and traditions with my family as we make our new home.

How was your weekend?

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