Reading Lately

Good Morning and happy Friday! We are still working on unpacking and organizing our new home, but its getting there – most of the big things are done and now its figuring out where to place all our books, and some off-season decor or extra linens and cleaning products. We’re excited to be settled, sleeping in our bed, eating with real dishes and relaxing on our couches. Camping in our house for a month sure made me grateful for these simple comforts!

Today, I thought I’d reflect on what I’ve been reading lately and share what I’m reading currently.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.

All images through GoodReads pages.

When we were in Colorado, I combed through my parents’ bookcases for new books to read. My mom gets most books from the library, so its always a treasure to see what new books she’s purchased or been gifted. Kate Morton is a name I’ve been hearing for over a year but didn’t seem like my taste. I strongly dislike most thrillers, but loved the mystery she weaves throughout The Distant Hours and look forward to reading more of her writing. The descriptions and style of writing used in sharing this story led to the visualization of a motion picture in my mind of this delightful and intriguing story that seamlessly interwove the stories of Milderhurst Castle over the decades and the three generations of women we meet from the Blythe sisters to Meredith and Edith. I highly recommend this book that had me dreaming of the characters and anxiously reading the final pages in suspense.

The Awakening of Miss Prim by Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera. Translated by Sonia Soto.


I thought was a sweet, quick read about a community of individuals who chose an “idyllic life” instead of one more closely resembling our modern standard of living. I loved the use of theologians, philosophies & literary references to drive the plot forward and found the style of dialogue reminiscent of the feel of Jane Austen. I enjoyed this book and will gladly pass it along to friends, but I also wish the book would’ve gone deeper instead of just brushing the surface. Maybe this desire would be abated if I read the book in its original Spanish instead of the English translation.

The Last Goodnight: A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure and Betrayal by Howard Blum.


William and I bought this book while we were in Alabama. We were visiting a bookstore and they had this book as one of their non-fiction summer reading picks. They had three categories a month for three months as a summer book club, and this was one of their selections. This book was full of interesting moments and incidents that were happening in the world of diplomacy and early spy agencies, with collaboration between the British and American secret services. While the interest was there, the stories sometimes felt like they were lacking evidentiary support for this to be a true nonfiction. I know that the author did the best he could with the sources he had, but when he got into people’s minds and thoughts were outside of quotations, it just rubbed me wrong. However, if you have any interest in espionage, World War II, diplomacy or human behavior, than I think you should read this book.

I’m currently reading The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal and plan to read Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly next.

What have you read lately?

On another note, will you please keep my job search in your thoughts and prayers? That I would find employment and that it would provide opportunity for growth and  development? Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

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