Weekend Happenings

Good morning & happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

Saturday started off with a walk to the farmers market where we got cherries, zucchini, yellow squash & coosa. On our walk we stopped by a local park to see the new historical marker added this week by the DAR to celebrate a women’s suffrage rally that happened in our town. I love that remembering the history of where we come from is so important to this community!

After the farmers market we dropped off our produce and Mavis and headed to the newly opened local butcher shop’s temporary store front to get some meat for the weekend. We needed up with some pork chops stuffed with fresh blueberry sausage and some chuck steak. While we there we were able to sample two of his sausages – a hot leek sausage and a chicken cordon bleu sausage; both were delicious, but the hot leek was especially tasty and something I definitely see us having in the near future once we are no longer sausaged out from all the brats we ate while “camping” in our home waiting on our goods!

Saturday night we had a delicious dinner of the stuffed porkchops, a sautéed Squash medley and some honey cinnamon roasted sweet potato medallions. It was all so fresh and delicious – William is an amazing chef and I love the meals he makes for us!

The house is also finally feeling lived in! We have the attic den pretty much done, I’m still working on organizing the built-ins with files in the office up there, but I know that area can wait a bit. We have the master bedroom done except for a few pieces of art that are being hung today. The guest room is waiting on new bed slats to arrive (only thing missing from our move!) and then we’ll have that room together too. We have an empty bedroom on that floor that will one day be a nursery, but for now serves as a spare holding room of sorts… The  main floor living areas are mostly done too – only room still needing a lot of work is our sunroom/office and that’s mostly just getting some more bookshelves for all our books! The living room is done except for the bookcase and recliner that we ordered and the dining room just needs somewhere to store our china, wine racks and extra tablecloths eventually. I have to say though, it feels so good to have most everything organized & put away – it’s finally feeling settled and like home!

Sunday we kept it low-key and I continued to organize things, while also collecting all of the books, art & personality pieces that are going into William’s office. I think we’re going to try and get that decorated and put together today. William made the steak we bought Saturday with more of the summer squash from the farmer’s market for dinner and it was delicious! 

My highlight of Sunday was watching the Game of Thrones season seven premiere; we love that show and are excited it’s back! I’m curious to see where they take the characters this season now that everyone feels ready for battle over the throne and that we know the night walkers are advancing ever closer to the wall. Who will emerge victorious? I really hope something good happens to Sansa this season. I’m loving Aria – her plot line was amazing last night! Lady Marmot may be my current favorite character. Each character had an interesting course set for them I feel like. Who is your favorite? Any predictions for what you think will come?

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