Friday Favorites

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

How is it already almost August? This summer has flown by! Between our move across country and trying to get things settled, I feel like it came and went faster than other years.

This week we finished the Father Brown episodes that are on Netflix and I’m anxious for the next season, which I know they’re filming currently. If you have not watched this show yet, it it truly delightful! Each episode has a murder of some sort or a theft that Father Brown works to solve with the precious parish secretary and a wealthy parishioner who is always at the rectory. The inspector is always so close to solving it, but need that assist from Father. It’s set in the 1950s and I love the costuming, makeup and setting so much! I even tweeted at the actress who plays Bunty (who I love!) about the lipstick they use on her and she replied – I’m looking forward to trying it since our coloring is similar. All that to say, Father Brown is an absolute favorite, and you should definitely try an episode or two!

Last night for supper I made a crustless quiche, which is a go-to supper for us. They’re so light and easy to make, plus there is so much variety of flavor you can play with! This week I did a crimini mushroom, spinach and Amish goat cheese one and it was SO good! Next time I may add a bit more goat cheese, but it was a winning combination.

I was selected to be a member of the launch team for Anne Bogel’s new book, Reading People, that releases on 19 September. You may know Anne as the host of the podcast, What Should I Read Next?, or the voice behind the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy – two platforms I have loved for a long time! I’m about halfway through the book and it is so good! It’s about the psychology of personality and has a chapter that covers each of the major personality tools and how they interrelate, in addition to sharing beloved characters from literature who fit the different personality styles. It’s about reading people – those around you, and more importantly, yourself, so that you have a framework of understanding relationship. I love Anne’s conversational writing style, and I’ve always enjoyed the study of personality, so this book is a fun one for me! I’ll hopefully have a full review up next week, along with a personal reflection about my own realizations with each chapter!

We finally framed and hung the special Harry Potter prints we bought for our Christmas gift last year. There was an artist who did a limited run of a print to go with each of the seven titles last November that turned out beautiful. We framed them in some deep green frames and hung them in our living room and I love having them on the wall. William and I are both big Harry Potter fans, so having this art in our home is a fun way to ph tribute to one of our favorite series.

I’m normally a red wine girl as white can be too sweet or just taste flat on my tongue, but our neighbor had given us a bottle the week we bought the house and I finally drank it and loved it. The taste was crisp, yet had some depth to it I don’t normally find in a white and was so refreshing and satisfying. If you’re looking for a new wine to try and see this one, I recommend it!

What did you love this week? Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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