What’s On My Phone?


Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up to share what is on my phone.

My lock screen is a verse of scripture that someone shared on Instagram stories recently and I screenshot and saved it because it felt especially applicable right now as I am searching for a job and friends and finding our place in our new community. I know that this move was right and that New York is where we'll be putting down roots and hopefully raising a family, but in the season of transition still, clinging to scripture like this helps me.


I like to keep my phone looking clean and organized, so I have all of my apps sorted into folders of similar apps and then I've arranged the folders alphabetically to make navigation to what I'm looking for easy! The background is an image I had saved off of Pinterest that I loved!


My Apple folder holds all of the apps that are native to Apple products since I have an iPhone. This includes the App Store, Calculator, FaceTime, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Music, Podcasts, Safari, Apple TV, Contacts, Find iPhone, Health, Notes, Apple Wallet, and another calculator. The apps I use most often from this folder are the App Store, Podcasts and Safari, though I just use Safari to open whatever website automatically pulled into Safari into Chrome instead.

My Entertainment folder has ABC, CBS, DIY Network, HGTV, Netflix, PBS Video, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, TLC, and Shazam. I keep the two Google apps here, because I consider them entertainment before I associate them with Google. We do not have cable, so we stream a lot of shows, so this is where I keep the apps for streaming.

My Games folder has Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda, both of which I haven't played in ages, but I like to have as a mindless activity when at airports.


My Google folder has Chrome, Drive, Google, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Photos, Gmail, Hangouts, and YouTube and along with the Social folder is probably my most used. I love the functionality of Google apps compared to Apple, and so I tend to use Google most frequently.


My Health folder has Calm, Fitbit, Glow, Headspace, Meditation, MyFitnessPal, RelaxMelodies and Sleep Cycle. A lot of meditation, sleep tracking and nutrition/fitness tracking.


My Photography folder has Over, Pic Stitch, Photos and Camera. Again I noticed I must have shuffled the order around, but this is fixed too!


My Reading folder has Ancestry, DuoLingo, Fluenz, Goodreads, iBooks, Kindle, Libby, NYTimes, and She Reads Truth. I use GoodReads, the NYTimes and She Reads Truth the most.


My Social folder has two layers. The top layer is my most frequently used and includes Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Twitter, and WordPress. The second layer includes ESPN Fantasy for fantasy football, Influenster, Repost, Tumblr, Untappd and Timehop.

My Weather folder has two apps, Yahoo Weather and the Weather Channel. I find these two services to be the most accurate in the forecasts, and I love cross-checking to confirm what to expect.


My Work folder has OneNote, Evernote, AnyList, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Jobs, Genius Scan, TunnelBear and Dropbox. I use TunnelBear, a VPN service, and LinkedIn most often, but the other apps are classic tools I've used more frequently in the past.

img_3664My Catholic folder is out of alphabetical order in these pictures! I must have moved it accidentally, but it's fixed now and in its right place! If the title of the folder didn't give it away, I'm Catholic! In this folder I have an app that connects us to what is happening at our parish, has our weekly bulletin, alerts you of events or special masses taking place, and also has access to the daily readings, mass times, confession information, rosary guides, homilies, prayers, and other features. Its very easy to navigate and I'm glad our parish is connected through it. The Laudate app is also full of daily readings, and Catholic prayers and tools, but does not offer the parish specific details, so if your parish doesn't use the myParish app, the Laudate should cover you!


What is on your phone? Any apps I should be using but don't?


6 thoughts on “What’s On My Phone?

  1. This is so organized!! I try to be organized, but I haven’t gotten it this condensed. I also have a travel folder that has my most used loyalty brands (AA, Hilton, Marriott, SPG)… along with Hopper, GTFO, Hotel Tonight, Open Table, Trip Advisor and other things to inspire adventures.

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