Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! This week has had some cooler days that have provided a hint of autumn and it has me wishing for a bit longer of summer this year. Perhaps its because I know that this first New York winter will likely feel colder than the last 14 winters spent out west in Colorado, Montana and Idaho, or perhaps its because this summer has been spent moving and creating a new home, but I'm just not ready to begin saying goodbye to summer 2017 just yet. Luckily, school in this part of the world doesn't begin until after Labor Day, so with kids still running around the neighborhood and not preparing for school yet, it still feels like summer in our world. I am however ready for football season!

My first favorite of the week is the Netflix documentary series Last Chance U. I am already anxiously awaiting the annual HBO documentary series Hard Knocks and this one is holding me over until then. We are almost done with season two and I am really enjoying it. I adore Brittany Wagner and want her job. I feel like I would excel in a position like that and am now on the lookout for similar opportunities around here. I loved the coach in season two from Coahola – such a positive and uplifting man coaching a team with a losing record. I loved how that episode shared more of his team's experience leading up to the game against EMCC because they felt like a more "normal" community college program compared to the team the show follows. I enjoy seeing the student athletes realize that simply being good on the field won't be enough – they need to show up in the classroom too. I love seeing the kids who were at D1 schools and made a mistake, realize they need to work twice as hard to get back to that level of play and show real repentance for their choices. If you haven't watched this show yet, I recommend giving it a try!

My sweet mama-in-law sent me some new dresses that she found on clearance from Belk and Cato and I love them! I'm wearing one that feels so light and beachy today and can't wait to wear the others in the coming weeks.

William ordered us some monogrammed journals from Shinola and I'm enjoying putting pen to paper with my thoughts. I always keep a devotional journal to capture thoughts as I'm reading scripture or following a devotional, but journaling again feels good. I had gotten away from the practice in college when I started my first blog, but there is something restoring about writing my thoughts and prayers and reflections by hand.

What are your favorites this week?

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