Weekend Recap

Happy Monday and last day of July!

This weekend started with a fun date night on Friday. Like I mentioned on Friday, my sweet mama-in-law sent me several dresses she found on sale. So, Friday I decided to wear one, fix my hair and put on makeup. When William got home from work he told me I looked too pretty to waste not going out, so we tried a new restaurant and bar that recently opened. I love that we can walk from our house to downtown, so we walked down to Union Whiskey for our date! William tried two different beers and a cider saison and I had a glass of moscato (way too sweet! I had ordered prosecco…) and a glass of a NY Pinot Noir. To eat we tried their Bavarian pretzel, loaded toys, and chicken fingers tossed in a maple sage sauce. All of the food was delicious and I enjoyed sitting on the patio, people watching and spending time with William. It also happened to be the day they were photographing the drinks and food for the website, so it was fun to see what we want to try in the future!

Saturday we went on the five and a half mile loop of the river trail before heading to a local maple farm for brunch. They make the best gluten free pancakes and maple sausage, not to mention how delicious their different maple syrups are. It's always so satisfying! After our morning adventures we just spent time at home relaxing and doing a bit of cleaning.

Sunday I slept in until 9 – oops! So, we didn't make it to church, nor did we go on our family walk because it got so warm yesterday. Instead, we did some more cleaning and relaxing and I read another book before settling in to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

It was an easy, relaxing weekend full of good food and quality time together!

How was your weekend?

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