Current Wish List

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I thought I would share some of the items I’ve been looking at lately and have added to my wishlist.

I love this sign and have long wanted to have this verse in my dining room. I love the simplicity of this version and already have the perfect spot picked out for it to hang.


I got a pair of Brooks running shoes in May and have loved them! They are hands down the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever owned and I love the support they offer. With how many miles we’ve put in this summer, I’m ready for a new pair and want the same shoe, but probably in this color way.


I finished my bottle of my perfume and this is my all time favorite scent, so of course a new bottle is on the wish list!


I love the color and size of this insulated cup!


I have been a bit obsessed with William’s Kindle and love using it for the ARCs I receive. However, lately its not wanting to sync or connect with the internet, so I’d love a new one to fix that issue. The Kindle is the best way to read digital books in my opinion – much better than the Kindle app on my phone or iPad.


What’s on your wish list these days?

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