Coffee Talk

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

Today I thought I'd share a cup of coffee with you and a bit of what is on my heart lately.

I am really ready to find a job. I've been applying to anything and everything I am remotely qualified for or overqualified for, but have yet to even have an interview. It is discouraging to find job postings and get excited, then hear nothing – not even that they've gone with another candidate. I need to be working and plugging into the community and bringing in an income. So, I'm feeling a bit discouraged in that department right now.

I am loving our new home! I think my favorite room right now is our dining room. The light is beautiful, I love the view to the park across the street, I love the comfort of our chairs and spreading out my computer, Bible, notebook and coffee as I work for the day on my Bible study and job applications.

This week I began two new Bible studies. The first is with She Reads Truth and is going through 1 and 2 Samuel and focuses on the life of David. The second is going through the book of Galatians alongside Nicole. I love that I have a study going in both the old and new testaments right now.

The weather here has been beautiful this summer! The average temperatures have been on the 70s and we've had frequents rains which have kept the earth so green and lush – such a change from the high desert climate we were in before. It's been beautiful to go for walks and to explore little local parks.

I'm looking forward to a trip William and I have coming up to Ithaca and to explore the town, colleges, and all of the waterfalls while hopefully finding some incredible New York wines and ciders!

I'm also looking forward to the trip to Colorado at the end of the month to celebrate my sister's birthday and marriage, and the opportunity to spend time with family and see aunts, uncles and cousins I haven't seen in far too long – some for well over a decade!

I've also been on a big reading kick lately and have been loving the ability to visit so many worlds and neighborhoods through the gift of reading! I'm always looking for new book recommendations, so what have you been reading lately?

What's on your heart today?


8 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Hey friend, see if you can plug into NYSACAC. They may also have a job posting board/community. It might not be the perfect fit (but you might be able to find something perfect, too), but it would be a great community to have at your disposal!

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  2. hope you’re able to find a job soon. that can be so frustrating! kathy mentioned a book up there, a long way to a small angry planet or whatever it’s called, i’m currently reading the second one. it’s god if you’re into sci-fi. you should share what you’re reading with steph and jana and their show us your books link up tomorrow! lots of good recs to be had!

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