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We had a low-key weekend this week where I finished multiple books, we enjoyed a long walk on the river trail, and Sunday night we ordered in Chinese take-away.

On our walk around the river trail and campus this weekend, unnoticed that the leaves and ivy are already beginning to change and we had cool weather in the 60s this weekend. Autumn is coming which fills me with joy for my favorite season, but I want to hold on to summer for just a bit longer!

So, today I thought I would join in with the women of The Blended Blog.

1. I love the pool, lake and ocean! The pool reminds me of summer swim team as a kid and going to the pool almost daily for fun growing up. The lake reminds me of living in North Dakota and Alabama where Lake weekends with friends were a special treat. I know the river isn't on this list, but the river takes me back to living in Great Falls and Missoula, Montana where spending time on the river was a highlight of bonding with friends – from float trips, to white water rafting, to jumping off rope swings and having picnics by the shore. The ocean has always been a soothing favorite, but it wasn't until my first beach trip with my husband's family that the ocean really took a solid lead. The beach they go to has the best ocean! It is warm and clear and the waves are softer – it's heavenly!

2. I stay at hotels most often, but love a fun cottage or bed & breakfast! I enjoy camping, but haven't been since freshman year of college.

3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream has always been my favorite! I also love vanilla, Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia and lemon sorbet.

4. Nightgowns are my favorite! But in the cooler months I like to wear pajama pants and a t-shirt, so that I just have to throw on a jacket when Mavis wakes us up to go out in the middle of the night.

5. My favorite summer beverages are water, sweet tea and lemonade. All three are so refreshing! I also love prosecco and margaritas when I want an adult beverage.

6. I would rather be cold. It's easier to add layers of clothing or snuggle under blankets than to be unable to mitigate being too hot.

7. I love my wedges, but all my true sandals are flat.

8. I don't really wear shorts or skirts. Well, I wear my Nike shorts to workout or lounge in. But I prefer casual dresses.

9. I sit in the shade. I love the warm feel of the sun on my skin, but I have pale skin and am at high risk for skin cancer between my coloring and the number of cancer spots my mama has had removed. It's not worth the warmth to me. Protect your skin!

10. I drink all three! I love water, particularly if it's been jazzed up with some lemon, basil or other fruits. Tea, both hot and cold, is something I love reaching for and unfortunately, I have a love of Diet Coke I'm trying to kick.

11. Summer fruits and vegetables are my favorite! I look forward to them all year! I don't think I can pick just one, because I truly enjoy them all!

12. I love watching the dawning of a new day and seeing a day say farewell. There is something so soothing about both, but I think I love sunrise more. There's something special about them.

13. I haven't ridden a bike since mine was stolen in college. However, I love walks!

14. Both are fun and I enjoy seeing the process and learning about both beer and wine. However, not being able to drink beer definitely pushes me to team winery!

15. We don't have a garden, but I want one! For now, I am working to keep my hanging flowers and indoor herbs alive. Next summer we'll see about adding some berry bushes and vegetables. I do also want some hydrangeas in our yard!

16. I love both! Summer concerts feel so classic and the first couple years out of college I feel like I went to so many summer concerts! However, having a picnic and enjoying a casual evening while listening to music in the park is such a fun way to spend an evening and I have fond memories of doing it as a kid too.

17. When we cookout I love grilled chicken and vegetables. I enjoy steak and burgers too, but grilled chicken is my go to!

18. If the weather is nice I will always love dining al fresco. We eat inside enough when it's cold and snowy outside that it seems a shame to waste gorgeous evenings! However, without a fence at the moment it's not fair to Mavis to enjoy eating outside when she has to stay inside, so this summer we haven't dined outside often.

19. My favorite summer destinations are the beach and the mountains. How typical, right! I love heading up to the mountains to hike and go white water rafting and I love going to the beach to relax and unwind – particularly the hidden oasis my in-laws go to every year!

20. If I had to choose, I'd pick a big theme park like Disney or Universal. But, I'm not big on roller coasters or large crowds, so I'd just as soon choose neither.

21. I love a margarita on the rocks! Blended can be too sweet.

22. I love lemon popsicles and Italian ice. It's so refreshing!

23. I am a hamburger girl through and through – no cheese, please! I'll eat a hot dog at a ball park, but I much prefer a brat if given a choice.

How would you answer these questions?

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