Little Pleasures

A hot cup of coffee in the morning.


Leaves crunching under foot.

A book you can’t put down.

A good hair day.

Finding the perfect playlist.

The sound of laughter from the soul.

A good hug.

The magic of the first snowfall.

The splendor of leaves changing color.

The feel of sand between your toes and the smell of saltwater in the air.

The first fire of the season.

Kickoff of the first football game of the season.

Chasing waterfalls.

The comfort of the Rocky Mountains.

Snuggles with my family.

Feeling safe and known in my husband’s arms.

Forehead kisses.

Holding hands.

Flawless makeup.

A clean house.

Enjoying the perfect glass of wine.

What little pleasures are you grateful for today?

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