Colorado Wedding Week Part I

Last Monday I flew to Colorado for wedding week prep for my sister. It was a full week that flew by really quickly!

Monday was mostly a travel day; we left our house around 8 a.m. Eastern, and landed in Denver at 5 p.m. local time. My layover was in Detroit, which is such a clean, easy to navigate airport for a layover. Monday night we had a family dinner with just me, my parents and sister. Mom roasted a chicken, prepared fresh green beans and a berry salad. After such a long travel day, the thought of chicken turned my stomach, but the veggies and fruit were really good! I went straight to bed after dinner – I was a barrel of fun, I’m sure!

Tuesday was a full errand day! We started the morning with the four of us heading to my parent’s gym. I did an hour workout on the elliptical. After the gym, we split up – Rae & I, and Mom & Dad. Rae and I went to Target to get things she needed for her honeymoon and I grabbed a few essentials too – a wedding card, shampoo, cotton pads, etc. After Target, we headed to get mini orange juices from King Soopers to go with the mini champagne in the bridal suite on Saturday. Then it was off to an outdoor shopping center where we grabbed lunch at a place called Modern Market that we both enjoy, to get “something blue” from Victoria’s Secret, and to pick up some makeup from Sephora. My lunch was delicious – I did half a wintergreen salad which has mixed greens, diced walnuts, roasted potatoes, shredded green apple, chopped dates and some goat cheese. I also did half of the spicy steak sandwich on gluten-free bread. It was so tasty! Our next stop after the outdoor shops was the indoor mall to get Spanx from Dillard’s for the rehearsal dinner dress and the getaway dress. Then it was off to get our engagement rings cleaned before the wedding on Saturday! That night we celebrated Rae’s birthday and JP came to dinner. Rae requested burgers, brats and watermelon – one of her favorites since childhood! Mom and Dad even got her her favorite chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. We celebrated a day early, since she and JP were going out the next night. I gave Rae and JP their wedding gift from William and I that night, and they loved it! We were given a beautiful stone version of our invitation from a dear friend and sorority sister who had attended Tulane. Apparently these stone gifts are a big tradition in New Orleans, and William and I loved ours so much, it’s become our new favorite wedding gift to give! We did one for William’s brother Bryant and his wife Nicole last year. The company who makes them is called ArtStones and they are beautiful! After dinner, I was exhausted, so I politely said goodnight and went to bed.

Wednesday was easily the most low-key day of the week. The morning was spent helping out around the house before I had a lunch time wax appointment with our esthetician we all love. It was nice to catch up with her! After my appointment I stopped back by Dillard’s to pick up Rae’s birthday/bachelorette gift and then headed back to my parent’s house. The rest of the day was really simple just hanging out with my parents and helping prep the house and different foods to host everyone coming from out of town for a couple days.

Tomorrow I’ll share about our Thursday when we had the Bachelorette party and our Friday which had the rehearsal. Wednesday will be about wedding day! Thursday I have a full book review of Anne Bogel’s book, Reading People, which is available for preorder still and releases later this month! Friday I’ll have a favorites post! I’m excited to have a full week of blogging ahead!

2 thoughts on “Colorado Wedding Week Part I

  1. What a treat to get to spend a week with your family getting ready for the wedding! I was surprised at how nice the Detroit airport was!! We weren’t in the terminal with the good food though (boo!). Love the stone invitation idea. That sounds like the perfect, unique wedding gift!!

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