Colorado Wedding Week Part II

Thursday was a busy day! The morning started early with my hair appointment to get it cut. I’ve been going to see our stylist Kathy since I was 15 – minus a few years where I didn’t live in Colorado. I love the fun new shorter cut and enjoyed catching up with her!

When I got home from my haircut, I helped mom get tings ready for the open house and BBQ she was hosting that night as people were beginning to arrive on Thursday. Grandma was the first to come in and it was so fun to sit and catch up with her! Around 2:30, two of the other three bridesmaids arrived and we changed into our matching tanks to go to our first activity of the day – a pole dancing class!

It was so much fun to laugh and learn some fun, playful moves and see what an amazing workout it is! I learned my arms and core are really weak, but I enjoyed class all the same!

After class we headed back to my parents house to change and freshen up quickly before heading to dinner and drinks at a fun restaurant called The Rabbit Hole, inspired by Alice in Wonderland! When we got to the house more family was there including my “older brother” Jimmy, the first cadet we ever sponsored at the Air Force Academy who has been part of our family for twenty-two years! My dad’s older brother, Uncle Pat, was there from Texas – I hadn’t seen him since my dad’s retirement from the Air Force in 2011. JP, the groom, and his best man, Blake, were there, so it was nice to meet Blake who came in from New York City. JP’s parents were there, so it was nice to see his mom, Kathy, again and meet his dad, John. We said our hellos quickly and then headed out for the night.

We decided to be smart and take an Uber to and from dinner so we wouldn’t have to worry about parking and drinking at dinner. We all ordered fun drinks to start – Rae got a blackberry mojito, Ashley had a peach mojito, Brittany had a grapefruit flavored drink called The Duchess, and mine was a play on a French 75 with lavender! We tried all of them and each were delicious! As an appetizer we had an order of sweet potato fries. For dinner, Rae and Brittany both had scallops over forbidden rice and asparagus, Ashley had a cauliflower macaroni and cheese with tofu, and I had bacon wrapped rabbit meatloaf with carrots and mashed potatoes. It was all delicious! We had such a nice time chatting and celebrating the birthday girl/bachelorette/bride! Rae had quite the week of celebrations!

When we got back to my parent’s house after being out, my brother and cousin Luke were there too! As were my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jason! It was fun to spend time catching up with everyone and hanging out for a bit.

We all finally got a bit tired and crashed not long afterward.

Thursday was such a fun, full day of laughter and joy seeing family and friends and celebrating my sister!

2 thoughts on “Colorado Wedding Week Part II

  1. One of my former staff members took pole dancing classes. She said it was the hardest workout she’s ever done, hands down!! Looks like fun, but I feel like my personality inhibitions would prevent me from having fun… even with people I know! (I’m odd, I know this. lol)

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    1. I’m so glad it was such a small class of just the bridesmaids! It was easily the most challenging workout I’ve done and it was easy to feel self-conscious as it was so out of my comfort zone!


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