Colorado Wedding Week Part IV – The Wedding

Saturday morning saw us up early. William and I went downstairs and turned on College Gameday to enjoy with our coffee and Mama and Rae headed out for a walk.

I showered and dried my hair so that I’d be ready to head to the salon with Rae to get her hair done. In the meantime, the other bridesmaid arrived around 10, and we started doing makeup and hair at the house. Rae’s appointment was at 12:15, and while we were gone the other bridesmaids picked up Starbucks to fuel us for the long day ahead!

Around 2 we got to the venue and had time to enjoy our drinks, get settled and change into our dresses before it was time to get Rae in her gown and head outside for some bridal party pictures. Rae didn’t do a first look with JP, but did one with Dad. Sweet Rae & Dad both started crying when they saw each other.

The ceremony began at 4:30, so after pictures, we had time to come back inside to each enjoy a mini bottle of champagne before we walked down the aisle. I started crying as soon as Eidelweiss began – it was our lullaby as kids, the song Daddy walked me down the aisle to, and the one he walked Rae down to. It was also sung at my parents’ wedding. It’s just a special tune in our family! JP was crying as soon as he caught sight of his beautiful bride. JP’s dad officiated the ceremony and it was a really sweet, and very personal time which was special!

I love this picture because this weekend was the first time all of us cousins were together since the twins’ First Communion 17 years ago!

After the ceremony, it was time for full bridal party pictures and pictures with the family while the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour. Once pictures were done, we were sent to cocktail hour so that the wonderful photographer could capture some images of just Rae & JP. Then we were all called back out to make our entrances and take our seats for supper. The food was delicious and the cakes were beautiful – though I’ve no idea how they tasted since I couldn’t have any! I was told they were incredible though!

After an hour or so for dinner, it was time to cut the cake, toast the bride and groom by the best man and I, then dance the night away! Rae & Dad’s first dance was to I Loved Her First, while JP and his mom had fun dancing to September. Rae & JP danced to Die a Happy Man and I cried. The Anniversary dance was to Thinking Out Loud, and William and I danced while watching the Alabama game on his phone. It was hilarious!

The rest of the night was spent dancing and spending time with old family friends and celebrating the love surrounding Rae & JP as they begin their life as husband & wife. Their guest book was precious – they had a book of advice from Dr. Seuss and Rae wrote a poem to go with it because the night she was stranded at DIA during a snow storm, JP left her a voicemail of him reading her Dr. Seuss. Is that not precious?! I loved that Rae and JP changed for the exit and had a final dance – it was a sweet sendoff as they left for their honeymoon!

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