Friday Favorites

We are already well into September and I feel like the days are flying by faster.

Last night we went to our first get together of the young professionals in our town. They meet once or twice a month, and we’re hoping to both make friends and meet people this way, and also that the networking will help me land a job. I really need one. We ended up sitting with another couple that recently moved to town, though they both grew up here, a woman whose company is based in our town though she lives in New Jersey and just comes to town every couple months, and a local realtor. I also met William’s Assistant Dean, and he was able to talk to some other people from the university too. I even won a door prize – free registration for a local nonprofit networking event in October! I think I’m going to try and go to the yoga class on Monday, and then the event in early October too. The sponsor for the evening was from a leadership training program that also helps fill different board seats around the county, so I’m going to follow up on that opportunity too. Overall, I think it was a good thing to go, though when we first got there I wasn’t feeling it.

Last Friday I got my nails done with Rae and the other bridesmaids. I love the color on my toes and the look of my French manicure! That nail salon is hands down my favorite ever.

I decorated our mantle in the living room for the autumn season and I am loving the textures and colors!

Wednesday night I made a gluten-free lasagna that turned out so good! I’m sharing what I did next week, but I am so excited to have found a noodle and recipe that worked for me!

I also made a mixed berry gluten-free cobbler. I feel like cooking gluten-free is finally becoming natural to me after a couple years!

What are you loving this week?

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