Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

This weekend was really relaxing and enjoyable!

Saturday morning we went on one of our usual walks around the local river trail. We saw a lot of deer and enjoyed the cool, crisp weather that was beginning to smell and hint of autumn.

I had a nice long chat with our backyard neighbor, whom I love. We made homemade Chick-fil-A style nuggets to enjoy while watching the Alabama game (Roll Tide! 2-0). We watched some fun football games this weekend in some big early season match-ups. It was just a really low key day.

Sunday morning we woke up a bit earlier to head to a state park, Letchworth and meet up with some friends from William’s PhD program who live in Rochester. I really enjoyed meeting them and the park was gorgeous! We got there early enough that we felt like we had the park to ourselves until we were almost back to the cars.

On the drive home we picked up some Chinese take away to enjoy while watching the Bills play the Jets (Go Bills!) and then took some family naps. While we weren’t able to watch it, my Steelers also started the season with a W today, so this house is happy!

It was such a relaxing day, which I am so grateful for. Two of my cousins and their partners are riding out the storm in Florida, as are many friends from high school, college and my working life who’ve made Florida home. I have family in Texas and more friends and family in the west where wild fires are raging. I know that for many of them they aren’t given the luxury of a peaceful weekend like we enjoyed, and my heart goes out to them. Nature is awe inspiring in her wrath and beauty, and thankfully this weekend we were able to indulge in her beauty.

How was your weekend?

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