Back to School

Last week The Blended Blog hosted a link-up all about Back to School. I was sharing about my sister’s wedding, but still thought this was a fun idea, so I’m doing it this week, the second week of school for the kids in our district & third week for the students at the University.

Looking back at school is always fun to me. In elementary school I went to four schools in three states – Colorado, Alabama and Virginia. In middle school I went to three schools in two states – Virginia and North Dakota. In high school I went to three schools in three states – Alabama, Colorado and Montana. It’s interesting how my answers to these questions change based on where we lived!

1. Did you love school or hate it?

I loved it. The only year I didn’t like was tenth grade.

2. Start school before or after Labor Day?

This depended on where we lived!

3. Wake up: eager beaver or slow poke?

I was a slow poke. There are so many days I went to school with my wet hair slicked back into a bun in high school… until I discovered hot rollers and showering at night!

4. Favorite breakfast?

I remember loving egos and toaster strudels in school! Bagels were also a go to!

5. Favorite cereal?

I used to love honey bunches of oats and captain crunch!

6. School uniform or no uniform?

No uniform.

7. New outfit for the first day or no?

We always got a new outfit for the first day!

8. Walk to school or ride the bus?

This depended on where we lived!

9. Backpack, tote, or messenger bag?

Backpack kindergarten through sophomore year. Junior year messenger bag. Senior year tote.

10. Eat school lunch or pack lunch?

Depended on the day, but school lunch was a treat. I mostly brought my lunch!

11. White or chocolate milk?


12. Paper bag or lunch box?

Lunch box. Paper bags were for field trips only!

13. Favorite thing to do at recess?


14. Favorite back to school supply?

New crayons and markers in elementary school, and new planners and notebooks in middle school and high school.

15. Chalkboard or dry erase board?

I mostly remember dry erase… the last chalkboard I can recall was in 6th grade!

16. Regular pencil or mechanical pencil?

I loved mechanical pencils.

17. Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner?

As soon as I got home! The only way we could watch a show or play a game or read for fun, was to finish our homework.

18. Favorite after school snack?

I always liked fruit after school, especially apples!

19. Favorite after school show?

I loved watching The Magic School Bus when I was younger, but the show that makes me think of high school is One Tree Hill – it began my freshman year!

20. Favorite subject in school?

I always loved English, Social Studies, Science (minus chemistry!) and History!

21. Least favorite school subject?

Chemistry and Geometry. Or gym class early in the day – at the end of the day it was awesome!

22. Name of your best friend in high school?

9th Grade – Bart, Audra, Tifany, Kristin, Sarah, Connie, Joe, Laura

10th Grade – MaryHannah, Alex

11th & 12th Grade – Colette, Matt

23. High school mascot?

9th Grade – Lions

10th Grade – Kadets

11th & 12th Grade – Rustlers

24. SAT or ACT?

I took both because I applied to school in Montana, Pennsylvania and Alabama. Some were private, some public, and both were required.

25. Favorite year in school?

So many years were great! In elementary school I really loved fourth & fifth grade, mostly because of the field trips! In fourth grade we went to Jamestown and Williamsburg and in fifth grade we went to Philadelphia! Second grade was also awesome – both my teacher and student teacher were men and I learned so much about science and different countries from them!

In middle school, sixth grade and eighth grade were awesome. Sixth grade we had the most amazing science teacher and science field trip where we took a boat out on the Potomac and tested water PH, learned about ecology, and just had the best day! We also did a Veterans Day field trip into Washington DC where we left bound books of letters we wrote in social studies class at the Korean and Vietnam memorials to the soldiers who never made it home. I was selected to lay the book at the Vietnam Memorial, which was special because every time we’d visit with my Pap-Pap, he’d sneak away to find the names of his friends who didn’t make it back with him. It was just a really special day that I felt connected me to my Pap-Pap.

High school I loved freshman and senior year. Freshman year was just so much fun with the intense school spirit and community pride in the high school, plus I had great friends, a great youth group, and wonderful teachers! Senior year was just fun – I was on yearbook and newspaper, loved all my teachers, really enjoyed my AP Literature and AP Government classes, I emceed the pep rallies, and I just had the best time!

26. Class ring or no class ring?

I did get a class ring!

27. Attend or not attend class reunions?

This summer was my first reunion as we were the class of 2007. I did not go, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever go to any of them. My family moved away from Montana within the week I graduated and I haven’t been back to town since then. I also was only there for two years, so while I really enjoyed my junior and senior year, I just don’t care to go back.

One thought on “Back to School

  1. I haven’t attended any of my class reunions (funnily enough I get invited to the class before mine as well, since that’s where most of my friends were), and like you, I just don’t care to go back. I took the SAT and ACT as well. It’s crazy to think that most tests weren’t as widely accepted as they are now!

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