A Weekend in the City

This weekend we took a quick trip cross state to spend time in the city where we decided to do life together, hand in hand.

Y’all, their weather was incredible all weekend! Much different than when 17 was the high of the whole time we had been there that February we got engaged.

Friday morning we left our house to take Mavis to boarding before we hit the road to drive across the state. The drive was about four hours, then we caught the train into the city which was about another hour. While it was a long travel day, it was a beautiful and easy drive.When we got to the city, we had a couple hours to kill before my friend, Laura, would be out of work.

Since we arrived at Penn Station, we did some shopping and wandered around the area. At Macy’s I bought a pair of beautiful black booties by Anne Klein and two MAC lipsticks in Relentlessly Red and Russian Red. Relentlessly Red is more pink, while Russian Red is a true red. They’re both beautiful matte shades. I was considering a suede, mustard biker jacket from Zara, but ultimately decided it was just a bit too short in the body despite being a beautiful color. I really enjoyed visiting the Amazon books storefront too and playing with new Kindles for when mine eventually dies.

We met up with Laura at Grand Central Station and headed to Park Tavern in Murray Hill for supper. It was delicious! Laura and I shared a bottle of rose, and I enjoyed a salmon and acorn squash dish for my meal that was divine.

After we finished eating, my cousin, Wyatt, who lives in Murray Hill, joined us for some drinks and to say hello. Then we walked over to the air tram to head to Roosevelt Island, where Laura lives. What a beautiful way to travel at night! Roosevelt Island was so quiet and peaceful – what a treasure in the city!

Saturday we woke up and headed to Sarabeth’s on the south side of Central Park where we connected with Laura’s boyfriend, Dan, for the day. I had the Farmer’s Omlette and William enjoyed his Crab Cake Eggs Benedict. It was delicious and a fun place to enjoy breakfast, since we had also gone to a Sarabeth’s location for breakfast the morning we got engaged.

After breakfast, we walked through Central Park to visit the spot we got engaged and took a picture. I want to eventually get a picture there if us in all four seasons, and if we have kids one day, there with our kids too. I think it’s such a special place, that I want to always have photos in our home!

When we left Central Park, we caught the subway down to The Village to walk around and explore some of the neighborhoods that it had been too cold for me to visit last time. We ended up wandering around The Village, SoHo and Chelsea that day.

One of the best places we stumbled into purposefully, was the Shinola store front; they’re a watch and leather goods company based out of Detroit that William and I love. We both found watches we want sometime soon.

We also walked along the High Line which was beautiful!

For dinner that night we ate at Rosemary’s which was delicious! Laura, Dan, and I split a delicious bottle of red from somewhere in the Puglia region of Italy, which is the region William and I have visited.

William and I ordered two appetizers to share – burrata with olive oil, Basil and sea salt, and a thinly sliced octopus with sun-dried tomato, cauliflower and olive oil. Both were incredible and reminded us of our visit to Italy. For my main course, I ordered the gluten free pasta that was prepared with lemon and chile and tasted so fresh, light and flavorful. It was a delight!

After supper we headed to The Ainsworth bar in Chelsea that is the big Alabama alumni bar in the city to watch the Alabama versus Ole Miss game. It was packed, but a fun time and a great game as an Alabama fan (especially knowing that Ole Miss has been a challenging game in recent years). Several of Laura’s friends joined us for drinks and the game, as did my cousin Wyatt. It was a fun night, but reminded me that packed bars just aren’t my scene anymore.

Sunday morning we headed out early to catch the ferry from Roosevelt Island to Wall Street. It was a beautiful way to travel the city and had great views of the UN, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World, the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.

When we got to Wall Street, we found a bagel shop for William to enjoy a New York bagel – they’re just better in the city. We took our coffee and breakfast down to Battery Park to sit by the water looking out at Lady Liberty and Ellis Island to people watch and enjoy the peaceful morning.

We then walked up to Trinity Church and stopped to say hello to Alexander Hamilton, his wife Eliza, and her sister Angelica.

After Trinity, we walked over to see the September 11 memorial which was beautiful, heartbreaking and powerful. The layers of symbolism and simplicity brought me to tears and prayers for those who lost their lives and the families they left behind sixteen years ago. I love that on the deceased’s birthdays, the memorial maintenance staff leaves a flower on their name – what a simple way to honor their life. The way the water moved through the memorial was like endless tears and it sent chills up my body as I thought of that day. I hated that people were taking pictures treating it like a tourist attraction with cheesy grins and thumbs ups – it felt so disrespectful to me.

After leaving the memorial, we walked to TriBeCa so I could grab a quick bite to eat, see another neighborhood and meet up with Laura again. From TriBeCa we caught the subway up to Columbia University which was a beautiful campus that felt so peaceful and collegiate in the middle of the city. It was a very different vibe from NYU that felt so scattered.

We also visited President Grant’s tomb which was right near Columbia. It was a beautiful monument to the General whose strategy and leadership preserved the union of the United States.

After visiting Grant’s tomb, we split with Laura and her friend Mubina who had connected with us at Columbia and William and I headed back to the Murray Hill area to meet Wyatt and his girlfriend, Karli, for supper at Whitman and Bloom. They had happy hour until close, so William enjoyed a couple beers and I had a glass of their blackberry sangria and a glass of prosecco with our meal. For dinner I had their mussels and fries which was quite tasty and William had their seafood trio special. I really enjoyed spending time with my cousin and meeting his girlfriend. I thought she was so sweet! After dinner we went to see Wyatt’s apartment which was so nice – great central location in Murray Hill, a really nice rooftop and a great living space.

Overall it was a really wonderful weekend in the city filled with delicious food, wonderful people, perfect weather and miles of walking and exploring. I find New York City quite magical and love living closer and having loved ones who live in the city to visit.

4 thoughts on “A Weekend in the City

  1. Such a fun trip and great place to relive some amazing memories!! Roosevelt Island and the High Line have been on my list for so long. I’m hoping to get over to at least one of them at the end of the month!! Isn’t it crazy how Columbia is ensconced in the city?! I would have loved going to school there!

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