St. Francis

Happy Feast of Saint Francis friends!

I have always had an affection for St. Francis, partly because the church my parents were married in is named after him, partly because of the annual animal blessing on his feast day, and mostly because of the below prayer.

This prayer was, and is, one of my favorite songs to sing at church. I remember singing it at my Pappy’s funeral when I was in grade school. This past August, I made sure we said this prayer over William’s Gana. It is just beautiful to me.

In our world and society, filled with so much tragedy and division, I think this prayer is so powerful. When I see tragedy or death, this prayer always jumps to mind right behind the Our Father and Hail Mary. I am making it a goal for the remainder of 2017, and probably all of 2018, to pray these words each day, whether through the song or through speaking. I find so much hope in these words and hope you do too.

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