What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The end of October has arrived and while the leaves are vibrant on the hills and crunchy under foot, winter is coming! The temperature has dropped off into the fifties as the high, and the air is changing.

What we’re eating this week // Monday we had leftovers (fried rice takeaway for the win!). Tuesday I felt under the weather, so William had one of the hot food boxed from our local grocery. Tonight we’re making a roast with root vegetables, and will eat the leftovers on Thursday. Weekend meals are still up in the air, but we may do an English style roast this weekend with roasted squash. I have a butternut and acorn squash ready to cook up!

What I’m reminiscing about // So many fun things popped up on my Facebook memories from this week! Highlights include our trip to Berlin this time last year (we left a year ago today for our introduction to that beautiful city!), And our first trip together to the Grand Tetons three years ago this week.

What we’ve been up to // We’ve been enjoying the local river trail and state parks, taking advantage of the ability to bring Mavis to the athletic events at the university, reading great books & watching football on the weekends.

What I’m working on // I’m still working on job applications and finding my place in our new community. I’m also working on deep cleaning the house to include the windows, basement, garage and baseboards on top of my normal cleaning routine.

What I’m watching // I’m enjoying Dancing With the Stars right now, Finding Your Roots is back on PBS, and I really like the show Me, Myself & I on CBS.

What I’m reading // The three books I’m currently reading are What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Free of Me by Sharon Hodde Miller, and Why I’m Catholic and You Should Be Too by Brandon Vogt.

What I’m listening to // I’ve been enjoying the soundtrack for the Disney-Pixar film Brave and the autumn curated stations on Google Play.

What I’m doing this weekend // We’re going to watch a rugby match at the university and have a low-key local weekend.

What I’m looking forward to next month // November promises to be a wonderful month! My best friend, Laura, and her boyfriend, Dan, are supposed to come for a weekend. My parents and brother are flying in for Thanksgiving. We’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday and I bet we’ll have our first snow!

One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Love all the exciting things you have coming up in November! Facebook memories are so fun. I’ve had a few this week that have made me chuckle… I’m quite witty around deadline time apparently, lol.

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