2017: A Year in Review

I am still kind of shocked that we have just under two weeks left of 2017; this year has gone by so quickly it seems!


  • We started 2017 with a trip to Yellowstone with my in-laws. It was such a magic time to visit our first national park! I’d previously only been in the summer, and while cool, other national parks impressed me way more. Yellowstone in the winter, however, is pure, delightful, magic!


  • Celebrated turning twenty-eight!


  • Visited Niagra Falls.

  • Visited Fort Niagra.

  • Spent St Patrick’s Day at a big event in Buffalo.
  • Went house hunting in our new town.
  • Visited my family in Pittsburgh. I only have pictures with my Grammy though.


  • Tried to enjoy our last full month in Idaho!


  • Said goodbye to Idaho and our first home.
  • Spent Mother’s Day in Colorado with my family.

  • Went to a painting class with my sisters-in-law and MIL.

  • Went to a Montgomery Biscuits game. They have my favorite name and logo in baseball period.

  • Visited the beach with my in-laws.

  • Spent 24 hours with my uncle in PCB.


  • Spent time with Laura, my best friend, while she was back in Alabama for her high school reunion.

  • Drove to New York.


  • Watched fireworks in the park in our neighborhood – so fun we can see them so close to home!
  • Spent a lot of time on our beautiful River trail!

  • Went to a drive in double feature.
  • Visited local state parks.


  • Visited Ithaca and fell in love with the community and state parks in the area!

  • Drove to Alabama for Gana’s funeral. It was so sad, but also so peaceful knowing that the pain she felt being so sick is gone. 
  • Met our “nephew” for the first time – he was just days old!
  • Took a pole dancing class for my sister’s bachelorette party.

  • Spent a lot of time on our beautiful River trail.


  • Celebrated my sister’s wedding!

  • Visited Letchworth State Park for the first time. I’m obsessed with how beautiful this park is!

  • Spent a lot of time on our beautiful River trail.

  • Celebrated William’s birthday!
  • Visited my best friend and my cousin in New York City.


  • My in-laws came to visit during the leak of autumnal beauty.

  • Spent a lot of time on our beautiful River trail.


  • Had shutters installed on the house – it makes such a difference!
  • My best friend and her boyfriend came over from New York City.
  • Spent a lot of time on our beautiful River trail.

  • My parents and brother flew in for Thanksgiving.

  • William and I had our marriage convalidated in the church.

  • Basketball season began.

  • Had our carpet ripped up and a new one laid in – what a difference in smell and look!


  • Lots of basketball games. It’s our favorite date night as season ticket holders.

  • Spent Christmas in Pittsburgh with family.
  • Enjoyed our first real snow falls in this town and the beauty they brought!

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