What I’m Watching Lately

Red Oaks

This show on Amazon has three seasons and follows friends and co-workers from a New Jersey Country Club in the 1980s. It has humor, and history, and handles different relationship highs and lows well. It looks at differences in wealth and faith and how when they meet in relationship, they can be worked through or cause insurmountable problems. This show is hilarious and definitely worth watching! All three seasons are available on Amazon.

The Crown

I have always been interested in the royal family and their history, as well as having a deep love of history in general, so this show is perfect for me! I find the acting to be superb and the stories interesting. I love the writing and costumes as well. Two seasons are available on Netflix, and beginning with season 3, later this year, we will see a.casting change as the royal family ages.

Home Town

I find Ben and Erin super sweet and I love how evident their love and respect for each other is. I love that Erin really works to design a house for her clients and the final product doesn’t feel as staged as other shows. I find Ben’s carpentry work to be beautiful, and I love the humor these two have. Season two just started this week, but season one is available on Hulu and HGTV.

Fixer Upper

This show is in it’s fifth and final season. I love seeing the designs that Joanna comes up with for each family and find Chip hilarious.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I love the fast pace and quick wit of the Palladinos writing and directing and this show takes that up another level from Gilmore Girls and Bunheads. The casting is fantastic, the costumes are so fun, and the storyline draws you in. It’s full of good humor and definitely worth checking out. If crude language offends you I would skip this one though. Season one is available on Amazon.

Better Late Than Never

My Aunt Michelle and Grandma told us about this show over Christmas, and William and I find it hilarious! Season one followed their travels around Asia, and season two is around Europe and Morocco, focused more on finding their family roots. The show definitely is irreverent, but it is also heartwarming and so very funny! Terry Bradshaw runs around naked a lot, George Foreman sleeps a lot, William Shatner tries to add some culture to the group, and Henry Winkler is so earnest and warm! Check this one out on NBC and be prepared to be entertained.

What have you been watching lately?

4 thoughts on “What I’m Watching Lately

  1. I love Mrs. Maisel so so much I might watch it again. I’m enjoying Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu but Hulu doesn’t dump the shows it just does one every week. I NEED TO BINGE. I might do Red Oaks because I think it’s ending and I won’t have to wait lol. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    1. Red Oaks ended with season three,. son definitely give it a go! I agree about Mrs. Maisel – I’ll definitely watch it again before season two comes out!


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