The Husband Tag

I’ve watched a couple of my favorite YouTubers answer these questions and thought it would make a fun Valentine’s Day post. I decided to have William answer the questions about us as a couple and the ones about me, and then I answered ones that could be about him too.

How and where did we meet?

William: We met in spring of 2004 doing a high school production of Godspell. I was an actor playing John the Baptist/Judas and Sarah was the help running the lights.

What was your first impression?

William: That she was a wee little freshman that I shot the shit with for an hour before the show began. But I noticed your little gap tooth smile.

Sarah: My first impression was when I was a freshman in high school and I remember finding him handsome and being awed by listening to him sing. Then when we started flirting over social media 10 years later, I remember finding him charming, intelligent and funny. When I saw him in person for the first time again over Labor Day weekend in 2014 I remember finding him handsome and intimidating, while also incredibly charming.

How and where was our first date?

William: Hiking Spruce Mountain in Monument, Colorado over Labor Day weekend 2014.

Sarah: I consider all of Labor Day weekend 2014 a long date. But our first proper date was the hike William mentioned followed by delicious Mexican food and a margarita for me at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Where was our first kiss and how was it?

William: Our first kiss was during the Alabama v West Virginia game and it was kind of mediocre because you were acting super weird.

Sarah: It was during the opening football game of 2014 when Alabama and West Virginia were playing. We were on my parent’s couch and cuddling, but I was so nervous to kiss him and that he’d think I was an awful kisser. The first kiss was a bit awkward as I got over my nerves, but the kisses after that were pretty great!

When did you meet my family?

William: Watching the Alabama West Virginia game at her parents house since I was staying there that weekend.

Sarah: When I flew to Alabama for your sister’s wedding in December of 2014. I’m really glad they welcomed me so so openly and warmly!

How did you know I was “The One”?

William: I honestly don’t know how to answer that question. When you know, you know. I knew I was going to ask you to marry me after our first trip to Jackson Hole.

Sarah: I knew you were “the one” when I was choosing to spend every weekend possible traveling to be with you. When I was more relaxed and comfortable with you in a couple weeks than I had been in years. When I embarrassed myself and you stood beside me in spite of it. When we shared dreams of the future and they aligned so well. There are so many moments combined that made me know you were the person I wanted by my side through life.

When and why did you fall in love me?

William: I loved you after Jackson Hole, but I knew you were my wife when you turtled and made my dad laugh.

Sarah: I knew I loved you deeply on that first trip to Jackson Hole. There was something magic in the air that weekend.

How long have we been together? Relationship & marriage.

We started talking in May 2014, had our first date in September 2014, got engaged in February 2015, and got married in October 2015.

How do you resolve problems?

William: We don’t have problems. I’m always right.

Sarah: We talk through things. We try to resolve any issues the same day they come up and deal with things head on.

What do you two do for a living and are you using your college degree?

William is a professor of marketing and I’m a home maker at the moment.

What key elements make a successful relationship & marriage?

William: All the cliches. Communication, cooperation, compromise.

Sarah: I think knowing how to show your love well. Quality time, acts of service, laughter, words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, communication – it’s all so important!

What do you love about me?

William: I love all of you.

Sarah: I love your laugh and sense of humor. I love your intelligence and wit. I love your passion and thirst for new knowledge and experiences. I love listening to you sing and the way I feel cuddled in your arms. I love your smile. There is so much to love about you!

How do you keep a relationship healthy in life?

William: Laughter.

Sarah: Remembering why you fell in love. Laughter and creating new experiences together are so important!

Places you want to travel?

William: Everywhere. I love traveling with you. Wherever you want to fucking go baby.

Sarah: I really would love to travel so many different places with you! Top of the list are Ireland, Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Croatia, Japan, South Korea, and Spain. I really want to do the Camino de Santiago with you!

Children? How many do you want?

William: Whatever Sarah says.

Sarah: If we have children, William wants two.

What is my favorite color?

William: Rellow. Red and yellow. If you wanted to get pedantic it would be cardinal and mustard.

Sarah: His favorite color is purple, but he wears a lot of green and blue.

What is my favorite food?

William: Hamburger. It’s always what you’re craving.

Sarah: I would guess hamburgers or burritos.

What is my favorite sports team?

William: Pittsburgh (Steelers, Penguins and Pirates), the University of Alabama and the University of Montana.

Sarah: William loves the University of Alabama, the Tottenham Hotspur, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and St. Bonaventure of course!

What is my favorite TV show?

William: You love American Housewife, Home Town, and Fixer Upper.

Sarah: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things or South Park. All time would be Eureka.

What food do I not like?

William: Gluten. Well, it doesn’t like you. You don’t like cooked, mushy tomatoes out of a can or stewed. You hate canned green beans.

Sarah: William doesn’t like raw onion or brussel sprouts.

What is my favorite type of sandwich?

William: Salami.

Sarah: One with meat.

If I could eat one thing everyday what would it be?

William: Apples, macaroni & cheese or potatoes.

Sarah: Grapes or burritos.

What is my eye color?

William: Yours are a chocolate brown.

Sarah: Hazel with a brown tint.

Who is my best friend?

William: Laura.

Sarah: William’s best friends growing up were Meaghan and Derrick, but we consider each other our best friend these days.

What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?

William: Your defense of your procrastination.

Sarah: Leave wet towels on the wood floors or furniture.

What is my heritage and where am I from?

William: You’re a mutt. We know your family comes from Ireland, Poland, Holland, Croatia, Austria, and Belgium. Who knows where else you’re from?

Sarah: William’s family has been in the same county in Alabama for generations on one side! His family came mostly from Great Britain and Ireland, and we suspect somewhere between Germany, Switzerland and France.

Did I play any sports?

William: I wouldn’t say you’ve ever played any sport. You’re too uncoordinated.

Sarah: Growing up William played baseball and football, and in high school he played football. These days he’s a big golfer.

If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?

William: I wouldn’t bake you a cake, I’d bake you a pie. Pecan, lemon, or key lime.

Sarah: William loves cheesecake!

What is one unique talent I have?

William: Your uncanny ability to see good in everything around you.

Sarah: His best talent is knowing every song ever. He recognizes them within the first beat and loves to play name the artis and song title. A unique talent of his is the voice impersonations he can do, particularly Elmo! It makes me laugh.

Weird habits of each other?

William: When she cleans, she moves things. Every time.

Sarah: Leaving clothes wherever they fall.

What is my favorite restaurant?

William: That sushi place in Colorado Springs or Cafe Northington – you’d rather have me cook for you.

Sarah: Taco Bell or Burgermeister in Berlin.

What can I spend hours doing?

William: Reading, Sudoku, hiking, or scrolling Instagram.

Sarah: Reading, hiking or playing video games.

What is your most repeated phrase or sentence?

William: I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes. I’m so cold.

Sarah: Don’t touch me. (My hands, feet and nose are always like ice!)

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