TBB ASKS: March 2018


1. Eyelash curler? Yes or No?

Yes. I curl both before mascara, and after my mascara has dried. However, I do not heat my lash curler – it freaks me out!

2. Favorite Nail Shade?

I love light pinks, like OPI’s Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. that I wore on our wedding day. I love a true red like OPI’s Big Apple Red. I also really like OPI’s Onyx in the cold months.

3. Favorite Lipstick Shade?

MAC’s Russian Red and Relentlessly Red.

4. Blow Dry or Air Dry Your Hair?

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, and try to blow dry it when I do. However, when I blow dry it, I always air dry it a bit first.

5. Artificial Nails? Yes or No?

No. I used to get my nails done in high school for prom and senior pictures, or in college for recruitment. I much prefer keeping my nails short and polishing them at home though. Its a nice, relaxing activity to do at home.

6. Foundation? Yes or No?

Yes. Lately I’ve been loving BB Cream best, and plan to go back to my favorite tinted moisturizer when I’m out.

7.Ā  Hair Up or Down?

Down unless I’m working out or cleaning the house.

8. Bar Soap or Body Wash?

I prefer bar soap in the winter and body wash in the summer. Classic Dove bar soap is my favorite!

9. Bath or Shower?

I like showers for actually getting clean, but love a relaxing bath when I’m cold or wanting to unwind.

10. Favorite Body Lotion?

I am loving this fir and grapefruit one lately!

11. Do You Wear Perfume? What Scent?

I wear perfume almost every day, even when I don’t wear makeup. I love the way it stays on me throughout the day, and reminds me of middle and high school when every day I’d wear perfume, even if my face was bare and my hair was pulled back in a wet bun.

My favorite scent is Miss Dior, but I also have the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet that is really nice. In high school I used to love the Ralph Lauren range of scents, and in college I was a Burberry devotee.

12. Do You Shave Your Legs Everyday?

No. During the summer I try to, but in the winter I tend to only shave once or twice a week. This is to take shorter showers, but also because I find that my legs are warmer shoveling snow if they’re not freshly shaven.

13. Favorite Lip Balm?

I love the Smith’s Rosebud Salve in both the pot and tube, and lately I’ve really enjoyed Burt’s Bee original and honey flavors.

14. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

I was always allowed fun lip balms, and in middle school could start wearing light lip glosses. The summer before high school my mama took me with a friend and her mom to have makeovers done at the local Merle Norman, and I was allowed to wear my makeup from there to school if I wanted to. Throughout most of freshman year I didn’t wear makeup to school though because of marching band in the fall where I’d have sweat it all off in the Alabama humidity, and just not really caring about wearing a full face of product. Junior year of high school is the first year I remember really doing my makeup for school each day and not just on special occasions. I got really into makeup when I graduated college and moved back home, it was a fun creative outlet to play with new colors and products. These days, I would say I do my makeup when I leave the house, but not if I’m just staying home – I like to give my skin the chance to breathe.

2 thoughts on “TBB ASKS: March 2018

  1. I love light pinks too. I had been doing better about not biting my nails (stress habit), but I’ve fallen into it again. My mom convinced me to get gel nails, and I feel like they destroyed the texture of my nails, too… so I’m thinking I need to get some manicures regularly to get them back into shape… but of course… I don’t. lol.

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    1. I love getting pedicures, but have honestly been more pleased by home manicures. The Essie gel range is really nice for at home. I make sure to moisturize and exfoliate my hands, trim and buff my nails, get rid of my cuticle overgrowth and enjoy painting them. It’s fun to do with a face mask or while watching a movie. Treat yourself!


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