Take Me to the Beach

We had the best week in Cape San Blas with all my in-laws!

We drove down to Alabama on a Thursday and Friday, and caravaned down to the forgotten coast on Saturday.

William and I enjoyed our morning walks along the trail as a refreshing way to start the day, before lounging around on the sand and in the water.

Monday we were on the beach all day, after William and I did some work in the morning. The weather was beautiful, even if the water was a but rough from the rain the previous couple days and nights.

We went deep sea fishing on Tuesday and caught some beautiful red snapper, king mackerel and spanish mackerel. William caught our big 26 pound snapper.

Wednesday was another perfect beach day with calm, gentle water. Our neighbors all had fun shooting fireworks and we enjoyed the show from our porch.

Thursday was another beautiful day, with a mid-day rain storm that brought us inside for a bit. We’ve had a lot of rain this week, but it’s hasn’t taken anything away from being down here.

Friday was our last day at the beach, and William and im already counting down until the next time we can go, which probably won’t be until 2020!

Saturday we drove back to Alabama and we enjoyed a relaxing Sunday before heading back north Monday morning.

While on this trip, including our drives, I read five books and really enjoyed that time to dive into some books from my lengthy to-read list! Is there anything quite as relaxing as beach reading?

2 thoughts on “Take Me to the Beach

  1. Looks like a great time with family!! Those skies, even when full of rain, are beautiful!! I can’t believe how big that fish is!! I’ve never seen a fish that big!! Love that you got to spend time reading! That sounds absolutely delightful!

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