How Do You Cozy?

I loved the prompt from The Blended Blog yesterday, and thought I’d jump in a day late with my own answers.


  1. I LOVE my L.L.Bean slippers year round! They are so warm, soft, and definitely cozy!
  2. I love these new super plush blankets on our bed from Kate Spade. They are impossibly soft and feel so nice against your skin.
  3. I like a thicker, plusher pillow.
  4. I love so many warm beverages and it depends just as much on the time of day, as the time of the year. I love hot tea, coffee, chai, apple cider, homemade cocoa… I just love a good hot drink!
  5. I have a robe I use after the shower or while doing a face mask.
  6. My favorite snack foods are popcorn, chips & dip, apples with caramel dip, or veggies and hummus.
  7. I prefer a good TV series binge. Movies are fun, and I love them, but there is something about a TV series that I find more compelling at the moment. We just finished a binge of Grace & Frankie, and they need to get season 5 out yesterday! I need to know what happens next in their world.
  8. I prefer to lounge in leggings than PJ pants, but enjoy PJ pants in the winter.
  9. I tend to go for the couch, but we have a really comfy chair that is perfect for curling up in with a good book!
  10. I love sweaters most, but have remembered the love of a cozy hoodie over the last year.

How do you cozy?

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