A Weekend in Montréal

William and I love to travel and explore new cities, and this weekend as an early birthday celebration for William we decided to head Northeast to Montréal.

We left on Friday morning and got into our hotel that afternoon. We stayed at the Intercontinental which was such a convenient location and fun hotel. After checking in and freshening up we headed towards McGill University to walk around and stretch our legs after being in the car for about seven hours. There was some fun shopping and restaurants near McGill, so we stopped in Roots, M.A.C. and Aerie and grabbed a tasty dinner. McGill has some beautiful buildings and were hosting a fun concert night for students in one of their campus parks.

Saturday we spent the day exploring old Montréal. We started with breakfast at Olive et Gourmand where I enjoyed a tasty dirty chai and an amazing fruit, yogurt and homemade granola bowl while William enjoyed some ricotta & honey on toast alongside his coffee. The weather was beautiful and we spent the day just walking down picturesque streets, enjoying the French-inspired architecture and spending time along the water. We saw so many brides and wedding parties over the weekend and it was fun to see the different styles of each couple and which beautiful buildings they each wanted to feature in their pictures. William and I both bought winter hats while in old Town, and both were made in Canada, his in Toronto and mine in Montréal, which was fun!

For lunch on Saturday we found a fun pizza place with an extensive menu and I enjoyed the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. We sat on the terrace and shared a bottle of prosecco over our two pizzas, and reminisced about when we did the same in Puglia a couple years ago. My pizza was a clam pizza that was incredible, and William’s had mushrooms. We were both quite satisfied with our choices!

Before heading to supper we stopped at our hotel’s absinthe bar and had fun absinthe infused drinks. I had an absinthe and tequila based margarita, and William had an absinthe and gin based Moscow Mule.

For supper on Saturday we went to a restaurant called Brasserie701 that was delicious! We enjoyed delicious escargot as a starter, William had beer and a burger, and I had some delicious red wine and the scallop risotto. The scallops we’re the best I’ve ever had; they were cooked perfectly! For dessert we had crème brûlée and enjoyed the beautiful restaurant and the fun people watching.

Sunday morning started with a stroll up Mont Royal which was beautiful, even if it was straight up hill. When we reached the top, the views of Montréal were gorgeous and we enjoyed spending time in the sunshine enjoying the view and people watching. On our way back down we enjoyed the little lake and how much easier the trek down was than the exertion used to reach the to

fter we descended Mont Royal, we wandered toward Schwartz’s Deli, and caught a turn in the Grand Prix du Montréal, which was fun to see all the bikes hurtling around the bend and be part of the crowd gathered to cheer them on. We had lunch at the Montréal institution of Schwartz’s Deli and then continued to wander and meander around the neighborhoods near old town and downtown. We enjoyed grabbing some drinks at Saint Bock in the Latin Quarter and loved those street and their vibe. We grabbed dinner in Chinatown, but opted for Pho instead of Chinese, which was delicious and perfect for the cool end of a long day. Is there anything better than delicious soup when you’re a bit tired and cold?

Monday morning we were up and headed home, but spent much of the drive talking about how we’d love to go back again. On our next trip to Montréal, if the weather isn’t quite so lovely, we have a list of museums we want to visit, but the weather this trip was too idyllic to spend much time inside. It was a fun weekend exploring and falling in love with a new city while enjoying some amazing food and the very best company. William makes every day fun, but I really do love traveling with him and experiencing new adventures.

Have you ever been to Montréal? What should we do next time we go?

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