Happy Birthday William

Happy birthday to my handsome husband! To celebrate another year of life, I thought I would share ten things I love about him.

1. You have the best laugh and most joyful, handsome smile.

2. I love your passion and enthusiasm for your students and issues that you care about.

3. I love your deep love for our sweet Mavis Jane.

4. I love your heart for travel. You have taken me on so many more adventures than I would ever experience without you, and you make each experience rich and joyful.

5. I love your gift as a chef. You keep me well fed and I so appreciate it!

6. I love how you encourage me to slow down and be present. It’s a skill that is so lost in our world, but your constant reminders to enjoy the moment are such a blessing!

7. I love your work ethic in your profession, in your health, and in our relationship. You are so diligent in everything and I love that about you.

8. I love your encouragement to me becoming the best version of myself in every respect. Your own work ethic rubs off in your encouragement of those around you, and it’s such a gift for you to inspire others.

9. I love your thirst for knowledge. Whether it is though reading, learning a new language, watching documentaries, or exploring new places, you are always seeking to continue growing and learning, which is so inspiring!

10. His sense of humor, even when it’s at my expense.

William, I love you so very much and hope this next year is your favorite yet! May thirty-three be full of adventure, abundant love, laughter and deep joy. You are my favorite 😘

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