What’s Up Wednesday



What we’re eating this week // Monday we had our fig and prosciutto ravioli with balsamic vinegar and Parmesan as the “sauce”. I also made a side salad. Tuesday we grabbed Cafe Rio for supper. Tonight I’m making salmon Cesar salads. Thursday we’ll have tuna casserole. Friday we’ll have pan-seared pork chops and roasted broccoli and red potatoes. Saturday will be salmon, veggies and potatoes. Sunday will be breakfast for dinner with bacon, eggs and toast.

What I’m reminiscing about // Three years ago today was my brother’s senior prom and the picture of us three siblings popped up in my TimeHop today. This summer he is interning in Spain and he’ll graduate college next year. I can’t believe our family is set to all be “adults” soon!


What I’m loving // I shared a post yesterday about what I’m loving lately, but I’m also loving lemons, organizing our possessions for the pack-up next week and working hard to close this chapter of our lives up well! Not to mention, I am loving American Housewife and Home Town as my series I watch without William.

What we’ve been up to // Cleaning. Organizing. Donating. Packing. Finishing well.

What I’m working on // Finishing well at my job, which means helping students get everything they need to defend their theses, preparing for graduation, and closing the semester.

What I’m excited about // Seeing our families in May, closing on our dream home in New York, the possibilities of what life in New York will be like.

What I’m watching // Father Brown, Who Do You Think You Are, American Housewife, Home Town, Kevin Can Wait, Superior Donuts, Life in Pieces, Brooklyn 99, and The Big Bang Theory.

What I’m reading // The Simplicity of Cider.


What I’m listening to // Podcasts like always. Favorites from April are The Popcast, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, What Should I Read Next, Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Pantsuit Politics, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World, Five Things, and Drinking at Bible Study.

What I’m doing this weekend // Having brunch with friends at our favorite local diner. Taking a car load of donations to the local Idaho Youth Ranch. Packing what is going in our cars that we don’t need for next week.

What I’m looking forward to next month // May will be so full – we close on the sale of our Idaho house, we drive down to Colorado to see my family, we’ll drive from there to Alabama to see my in-laws, then we’ll drive up to New York and close on our dream home. Then, hopefully I will also get a job in May or June!

Loving Lately

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! I thought it would be fun to share some of what I’m loving lately as we move into the final weeks of the semester and the final weeks in Idaho.

First is a short devotional that I received a couple weeks ago. This is a beautiful, sturdy book. The photography is beautiful and will make you want to head into the kitchen to make something tasty. Each devotional is food related – titles like Grandma’s Kitchen, Seasoned with Salt, Follow the Recipe and Fingerprints on the Glass. There are 100 devotions by my quick count. The devotions begin with a line or two of scripture, followed by a short story, and culminating in a short prayer. I think this book would make a fun gift for Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, or a birthday for someone who finds joy in the kitchen. (I was sent this book by BookLook Bloggers for Review.)


I have been on a huge strawberry kick lately! Costco has had them for an inexpensive price and they have been so sweet and perfectly ripe! April has definitely been the month of strawberries for me!

Costco also had these amazing adidas slip-ons on sale for roughly half-price of what they’re listed for on the website, so I bought the black and the grey. These shoes are SO comfortable and easy! William calls them soccer mom shoes, but I just love them!

I think this recipe I found on Pinterest is my favorite way to fix salmon. I tweak it a bit playing with different mustards and ratios, but this is the base I always pull up to refer to. I love it on salmon that will be eaten alone with sides of veggies or on salmon that is going into a salad. It tastes so fresh and is so easy!

William and I recently began listening to Bryony Gordon’s Mad World and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love that mental health is coming out of the dark world of things we don’t speak about and becoming a normalized conversation on every level of dialogue. There have only been two real episodes so far; a conversation with Prince Harry and a conversation with Mandy Stevens, the former NHS Mental Health Director. Look it up and have a listen!

The television program we’ve been devouring lately is Father Brown. It’s a BBC show that has five seasons on Netflix that we just recently discovered but are loving! It follows Father Brown as he works to solve mysteries in his community and is based on the books and short stories by G.K. Chesterton. Most of the mysteries are murders or disappearances, and he and the inspector don’t always see eye-to-eye. While I love Father Brown, I don’t know I’d want to live in his community with all of the mysteries that seem to happen, but I do enjoy watching him work to solve them! The show is delightfully British and William loves the nods to his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes. We also love that Father Brown is played by the same actor that portrayed Arthur Weasley, and he is just a joy to watch in this show!

What have you been loving lately?

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! This week flew by between the NCAA men’s basketball championship game Monday night and this time of year just being insane at work as we’re in the last month before graduation, which this year is May 5th. Add in trying to get things aligned for a move, with applying for jobs, finishing my application for graduate school in the fall, and getting our “junk room” organized for the move. I’m excited that this weekend is The Master’s tournament – its my favorite golf tournament to watch. When I was a kid, watching golf with my grandparents or daddy used to put me to sleep, but now, watching golf with William, is really interesting and is something I enjoy! Let’s get started with my weekly favorites:


I have been hearing about the podcast S-Town everywhere – Jamie shared it as her “greenlight” last week on The Popcast, my college bestie, Rachel, raved about it and my husband loves it despite it giving him “PTSD” as a “small-town Southern expat”. Y’all, I get why they’re all raving about it, and why I seem to hear about it everywhere I turn. It is genuinely compelling and the story telling tactics greatly live up to the producers’ previous work.


As has been well established, I find genealogy fascinating! I am loving season 8 of Who Do You Think You Are? So far this season we’ve learned that Courtney Cox is descended from ancient British royalty, that Julie Bowen’s ancestors both worked to oppress others and free others – an interesting dichotomy in one family line, that Jennifer Grey’s immigrant grandfather became a pharmacist, And Jessica Biel found out she is Jewish and that one of her ancestors died fleeing military prison by trying to cross the Mississippi and getting shot (she was a little too excited to probe this family legend true!). Y’all, this show is so much fun to watch – it integrates family oral history with different eras we learn about in national and world history, and it just makes me so happy!

 We’ve been trying to go on a walk every evening after work and the weather has been perfect for it! Some days are a bit windy, but it’s so nice to wind down like that every day.

What have you been loving this week?


Meal Plan Monday

Good Morning! We are already a couple days into April and getting closer to our move and lots of big changes coming up!

This weekend was a nice one. Saturday we went on a family walk, grabbed hot sandwiches from Fred Meyer, took a nap in our sunny yard, and made hot Italian sausages and fries for dinner while watching the great game between Gonzaga and South Carolina. After the game we watched the film Mr. Church and I loved it! I sobbed through it, but it was SO good! Sunday was cold and rainy, so I got caught up on laundry, did some house cleaning and made tuna noodle casserole. We also watched a documentary about sustainable agriculture called Sustainable and found a fun documentary style show called Kindness Diaries. Both were so interesting and compelling. The power of sustainability and the power of kindness are two such amazing components of humanity.

I really like sharing our meal plans for the week, and think meal plan Monday is perfect for that!

William made some hard boiled eggs yesterday, so breakfasts this week will be a hard boiled egg and a couple clementines with my coffee. Lunches tend to be leftovers for me and peanut butter sandwiches or tuna for William since he’s able to go home for lunch most days.

Monday night we’ll have grits with a fried egg and bacon.

Tuesday night we’ll have meatballs and pasta from when I made a big batch of meatballs last week.

Wednesday we’ll have frozen pizza. It’s an easy dinner to have on hand for the nights William teaches class.

Thursday night we’ll have bacon & tomato grilled cheese.

Friday night we’ll have some of the frozen chili from the big batch we made a couple weeks ago. 

Saturday I’m planning to make breakfast for dinner. I love the options this provides and think it’ll probably be spinach scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.

Sunday we’ll have the prosciutto fog ravioli which is incredible with balsamic vinegar drizzled over it!

What are you eating this week?

What’s Up Wednesday


I can’t believe it’s the last Wednesday of the month already! 2017 just seems to be moving more quickly as each week passes.

What we’re eating this week //

Monday night I made some meatballs and we ate pasta and meatballs. It was perfect for a cold, gray day after being away for a week!

Tuesday night we had a BST – bacon, spinach and tomato sandwiches. I like having spinach on hand to mix into scrambled eggs, quiche or smoothies, so we substituted that for the traditional lettuce in our sandwiches.

Tonight we’re having chili that we made a big batch of a couple weeks ago and froze. Wednesday nights William works late, so I like to plan easy meals that we can eat at separate times.

Thursday we’re having butternut squash and black bean tacos. I love this meal! I just roast the butternut squash in the oven

Friday we’re having tuna casserole. I love tuna casserole, and my husband does too, so he requested that this week.

Saturday we’re having sausage and fries. This week at the grocery store, the store brand sausage was on sale and we had some buns in the freezer, so we picked up some hot Italian sausage to enjoy while watching Final Four basketball.

Sunday we’re having ravioli. We found a great flavor at Costco that has fig and pancetta inside it, that tastes great and is so easy to serve up with a salad or mix with veggies!

What I’m loving // There is so much I’m loving this month! I think the biggest thing was visiting our new hometown, finding a home, and visiting family in Pennsylvania!

What we’ve been up to // Its been a busy month of keeping our house clean for showings, beginning the purge and packing stages of moving, traveling to Buffalo, Niagra, our new town and Pittsburgh. March has flown by!

What I’m working on // I am working on getting all things organized and ready for our move – both personally at home, and getting things ready at work for me to leave it.

What I’m watching // I’m loving the Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelts. I love YouTube still, and there is an adorable show on Netflix called Escape to the Country that I just love!

What I’m reading // I’ve been reading up a storm this month! I am currently reading The Second Chance Tea Shop and Little Lessons From the Saints.

What I’m listening to // My favorite podcasts this month have been The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Pantsuit Politics, The History Chicks, The Bowery Boys, Pod Save America and Pod Save the World.

What I’m wearing // In Idaho, its been mostly warm and spring-like, so I’ve been wearing dresses and short sleeves, while in New York it was still quite cold so I pulled my sweaters out again. While visiting campus where William will be teaching, I bought a new sweatshirt that I love – and have snuggled in its coziness a couple times since buying it!

What I’m looking forward to next month // In April I am looking forward to hearing final news about our home situation on both ends; closing in Idaho and moving forward in New York! I am also looking forward to celebrating Easter and enjoying some family walks in the Idaho spring sunshine!

Guys Behind the Blog


Would you rather have your dream job and make less money or have a job you hate and make tons of money?

The former.

Would you rather play a hero or a villain in a movie?

Villain. Villains have more fun. 

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never be able to speak again?

The former.

Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great grandchildren?

I would say go into the past because we have no future with cheeto hitler.

Would you rather swim in the Arctic Ocean with nothing but a swim suit (no wet suit) or walk through the desert in the middle of the summer having to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt?

That’s easy. The jungle obviously. 😉

(Sarah’s note: he’s being sarcastic. He loves the tundra.)

Bonus question: Would you rather live like a king but have no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?

Also an easy one. Who needs friends when you have power? 😉

Family Time 

After our time in New York, we drove several hours south towards Pittsburgh to spend time with my family in the area! I am so looking forward to being within driving distance of my grandmothers, my aunt and uncle that also live in the area, cousins in Michigan, an aunt and uncle in New Jersey, and my cousin and my best friend who live in New York City! It will be so nice to not have to depend all day traveling no matter where we are; plus, the flights will be easier to catch to visit my family in Colorado and William’s family in Alabama!

When we first got to Pennsylvania at dinner time on Thursday, my Grandma and Aunt Michelle had dinner ready and waiting since we were thirty minutes late. I felt so bad! Grandma had sweetly listened to William’s request (and mine too!) for pierogis for supper. She had four varieties and hot sausage waiting, plus salad and homemade coffee cake – she spoils us rotten! It was fun to share about our time in New York, the house hunt and just catch up about life.

Friday morning we had a lazy day hanging out at Grandma’s and my cousin Kaitlyn came over for a couple hours too; I don’t think I’d seen Kaitlyn in about 10 years! One of the nicest things we did, in my opinion, was Grandma pulled out old family pictures and shared what she knew about our family on hers and PapPap’s side; we found a picture of Grandma’s great great grnandparents from around the Civil War! We all just hung out and spent time chatting before William and I headed to my Grammy’s that afternoon and Kaitlyn headed to her mom’s (Aunt Michelle). 

We spent Friday afternoon just hanging out with Grammy, sharing again about house hunting and our time in New York. I also got Grammy to pull out old family pictures while we made lasagna, and we found a picture of my Pappy’s great great grandmother! I love getting to see the faces of the individuals I’ve found in our family tree! It was so nice to just spend the day chatting with my Grandmothers and hearing fun family stories.

Saturday morning I got my Grammy to teach me how to make my favorite Christmas cookies, pitzelles! We also went to this little chocolate shop that she used to get us chocolate bunnies from when we were kids for our Easter basket. This year she surprised me with one at checkout! My Grammy’s niece Beverly and her daughter Adrienne stopped by for a quick chat and to meet William. I love them; they are such sweet ladies and love how close they remain to Grammy and that they visit her and have her over for Easter and such when we all live too far away.

Saturday night we went to Aunt Michelle’s for dinner; all of her kids minus her son-in-law Tim were in town for the weekend from Michigan visiting for her birthday. It’s the weekend that falls between Grandma and Michelle’s birthday, so they always get together. It was fun to see my cousins who I haven’t seen in close to a decade, and meet their babies before the next round of babies arrive this summer! It was fun catching up with everyone and spending time together.

We spent that night with Grandma and headed out really early Sunday morning for the Pittsburgh airport to return our rental car from Buffalo, and good thing we got there s bit early because security was the craziest I’ve ever seen it in Pittsburgh. We flew from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City and then drove up to our town in Idaho. Getting to and from Idaho is always an all day affair, so we are excited to be moving back east where that won’t be the case.

Overall our time in Pittsburgh was packed full with family and love, even though our time was short. I’m already looking forward to our next trip down this summer after our move!