Easter Weekend 2021

This year is passing so quickly, I can’t believe we’re already in April, and a quarter of the year is over! Nor, that I have a THREE month old now!

Our Easter weekend was very low key after having family in town for the past two weeks.

Saturday morning William woke up early to grab coffee and pastries from the bakery while his mom finished packing and enjoyed some final snuggles with her grandson before the two of them headed to the airport.

Friday night was a rough one in regards to sleep for Warren, so he and I spent a low key day at home snuggling and napping until William got home. Then we all had a low key day decompressing from the previous two weeks. We were tired enough to not feel like cooking, so I grabbed Zaxby’s that afternoon to enjoy while catching up on some of our shows.

Sunday morning we streamed our Easter service from the couch before heading out on a morning hike.

The weather was beautiful and the views from the hike were a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! I did roll my ankle early in our adventure, so by the time we got home I wanted to cry. I had to stay off my foot as much as possible for the rest of the day, which is HARD with a three month old!

We enjoyed a low key afternoon of Warren getting his first Easter basket, trying to recharge from two weeks of hosting, and keeping my ankle elevated as much as possible.

How was your Easter weekend?

What’s Up Wednesday: March 2021

What We’re Eating This Week

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: eggs, bacon & grits

Thursday: Chipotle

Friday: prime rib and salad – we’re doing our Easter meal Friday while my MIL is visiting

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: leftovers

What I’m Reminiscing About

Last March our final hoorah right before the world shut down was celebrating my Grandma’s 90th and aunt’s 60th birthday with family. We all gathered from around the country and had a really fun party. I’m looking forward to seeing my Grandma and Aunt and cousins again – just want to be fully vaccinated and my Grandma to be fully vaccinated first. I hope I’m able to introduce both my Grandmothers to Warren this year; I’m not sure how much time I have left with either of them and they both mean so much to me, that I want the memories of them with my son.

What I’m Loving

Warren being more interactive. Warren snuggles & smiles. Sunny family walks. Sleeping in longer stretches at night.

What We’ve Been Up To

Watching March Madness. Getting our Covid vaccines – looking forward to my second dose in April! My parents visiting and meeting Warren. My sister and brother-in-law visiting and meeting Warren. William’s parents visiting. Warren’s baptism. Enjoying the spring weather. Our first date night without Warren – grateful to my parents for babysitting!

What I’m Working On

Sleep. Finding a rhythm to our days and a routine for housework.

What I’m Excited About

Spring weather and spending more time outside!

What I’m Watching

We enjoyed Men in Kilts on Starz and Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy on CNN. I’ve been enjoying Rock the Block on HGTV. We also watched our standard cable lineup and a lot of basketball.

What I’m Reading

We’ve been enjoying The Napping House, If Animals Kissed Goodnight and You’re My Little Snugglebear a lot this month.

I’ve been reading Southern Living, Town & Country, People and The Magnolia Journal alongside my daily news scan.

I’m working on Where the Crawdad’s Sing.

What I’m Listening To

On our walks I’ve been really enjoying Up First, The Daily, Pantsuit Politics, and From the Front Porch.

We’ve also been listening to a lot of Disney songs and Warren’s two favorite songs Hey Jude and Wildflowers.

What I’m Wearing

Still primarily living in the six pieces I mentioned last month, but I also bought a new cotton floral midi shirtdress I wore for Warren’s baptism that I look forward to wearing more of.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

It’s Easter weekend! Hopefully we’re able to stream church, give Warren his Easter basket and get outside.

What I’m looking forward to next month

Celebrating Warren’s first Easter! Spring days. Getting my second dose of the vaccine. Hopefully seeing friends and enjoying a baseball game.

What else is new

Honestly, not much. I’m trying to treasure these slow days though as the fourth trimester draws to a close and my baby continues to grow. It was so nice to have a date night away to enjoy focusing all my attention on my husband too.

Weekly Update: 29 March

Another week has flown by much too quickly, and this is one I really wish had been slower!

Monday evening my parents got into town to meet their grandson and spend time with William, Warren and I. For supper that night we fixed ribs, baked potatoes and salad.

Tuesday we enjoyed a low key day around the house while it rained. My parents got lots of baby snuggles and began figuring out what Warren liked and didn’t. For supper that night William taught my mama how to make shrimp and grits – one of mine and my dad’s favorites.

Wednesday my parents and I drove to the outlets in Blowing Rock. On the way we hit a wall of fog that covered the town and was scary to drive in – we’re very fortunate my dad waited an extra second to turn at a green light as a car sped down the hill and didn’t stop. We missed impact by truly about two seconds, and the side of the car that would have been hit is where Warren and I were. My mama bought Warren a swimsuit so we can enjoy the pool at the recreation center when it opens soon.

That afternoon I received my first dose of the Covid vaccine and when William got home from work we all went on a nice four mile walk in the sunshine.

For supper we had crockpot barbecue chicken, rice, green beans, peas and salad. My dad was wanting ice cream, so we went to a local place that makes massive ice cream sandwiches to order with different cookie and ice cream options and enjoyed our sandwich their patio overlooking campus and downtown.

Thursday was incredibly rainy all day. Late morning my parents, Warren and I headed to a local bakery for coffee and pastries. My dad had a cinnamon latte and a sticky bun, my mama had a honey latte and a lemon lavender scone, and I had a wallflower hot coffee (normally it’s a a cold brew) and a chocolate croissant.

After our treats, we went to the general store downtown where my parents each found three pairs of shoes, all half off. How they will get them home, I’m not quite sure, but it was funny to see them loaded down with their finds.

That night William and I had our first date night away from Warren since he was born. We went to sushi and enjoyed a variety of tasty foods and time to just be together as a couple, instead of as mom and dad. I wish the weather had been nicer so we could have gone for a walk after dinner, but oh well.

Friday we headed to Valle Crucis to visit the original Mast General Store, which my parents thoroughly enjoyed! Then we headed to Grandfather Winery and enjoyed a red and white flight along the riverbank. The weather was beautiful and it was such a peaceful setting.

When we finished our wine and cheese, we headed home where we picked up Mavis and met my sister and brother-in-law, who had just arrived from Virginia. We all headed to the beer garden at a local brewery to enjoy the weather and a drink.

Friday night, William’s parents had arrived from Alabama and we had dinner reservations at a local Italian restaurant. It was so nice to all be together and enjoy a meal. After dinner, everyone headed to our apartment to continue time together.

Saturday morning we invited everyone who wanted to join us for a walk along the greenway. William’s parents chose to rest and the rest of us did a 4.5 mile walk in perfect weather.

We all gathered to head down to campus and downtown before grabbing a fun late lunch together. While walking around, and as we were being seated for our meal, the skies opened up and rain poured down making the meal feel extra cozy! I spent most of the meal breastfeeding an overwhelmed and overstimulated little man, but enjoyed being out regardless. The rest of the day was spent low-key with them coming in and out of the apartment watching basketball.

Sunday morning my parents came over before church to help us all get ready on time and still take care of our morning to do list before church. We were at the church early before the baptism and service to talk through everything, since covid protocols changed how a baptism was done.

The service for Palm Sunday was so sweet – especially the children’s procession waving palm branches to open the service. It was a special day to be baptized and to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week.

After church, we hosted all the family at the apartment for a light brunch; we had picked up lemon lavender scones and lemon blackberry basil muffins from our local bakery and had some cheese and fruit to go with. After food and quick goodbyes, my parents left for the airport and my sister and brother-in-law began their drive back to Virginia. My in-laws went back to the hotel to rest and then returned later that afternoon to hang out and watch the Alabama-UCLA game, which did not end the way we had hoped.

My father-in-law heads home today and my mother-in-law is staying until Saturday, so we’ll still have family around for a bit longer.

How was your week?

Weekend Update: 22 March

Monday morning here again – I feel like I blinked this weekend away!

Friday morning we ran errands as a family, taking boxes to our storage unit, stopping by campus to bring some things to my husband’s office and make it home for some basketball.

Warren has no interest in most television, but has been entranced by basketball. He HATES commercials though, so you have to hope that another game is on another channel when you’re watching. It’s hilarious! Maybe he’ll play basketball as he grows up…

Friday night sleep was terrible, so Saturday started slowly.

Saturday afternoon I joined a friend for a walk on the local Greenway, but stopped for Starbucks on the way. Friday night my watch said I got 2.5 hours of sleep total – poor Warren was fighting it so badly!

Daffodils are blooming!

I tried a tall salted caramel cream cold brew – it was delicious and different than my standard orders. I’m typically a hot coffee drinker, but it was fun to find a cold drink I enjoyed. Driving home after the walk, I grabbed Chipotle for our lunch/dinner.

Saturday night we met up with a friend of William’s from high school and college who was in town with a friend for the weekend. It was nice to meet them and enjoy a drink together.

Sunday morning we took a family trip to the grocery store – Warren’s first visit! After the grocery store, we came home where I attempted to do some cleaning, but Warren was extra clingy and did not want anyone or anything but mama.

Later that afternoon we went for a family walk on the Greenway and then met up with some friends and their babies for a local moms group that is starting to meet in person again.

We ended the night with the latest episode of Hometown and prayed for a good night of sleep!

How was your weekend?

Weekly Wrap Up: 19 March

Lately every Friday I’ve had the Rebecca Black song playing in my head 🤪

Monday was a LONG day with Warren fighting naps or being woken up as soon as he fell asleep. We FaceTimed his GiGi and Papa in the morning since they were home on a snow day after the blizzard that hit Colorado.

So, we spent a lot of time in the carrier and got out on a nice family walk when William got home from work.

William made us a pesto tortellini and breadsticks for supper before bath, small group and bedtime.

In small group we’re looking at a chapter in Genesis week by week and this week we read about Isaac repeating the events of Abraham – including claiming his wife was his sister; a story that makes us all wide eyed that this would be a logical thought to offer.

Tuesday I finished my audiobook The Scent Keeper; what a delight of a book! The narrator was enjoyable to listen to, but it’s the descriptive writing that really sells this story. The writing heightens emotions and allows you to travel alongside Emmeline in every step of her story – definitely recommend!

Warren had a very happy day full of hours of smiles – I melted!

We enjoyed a family walk when William got home from work and then picked up pizza from our favorite spot for supper. I also decided to do my first What I Ate Wednesday post… debating doing this weekly or monthly since they’re one I enjoy from other people so much..

Wednesday we spent a low key day at home. It was a hard day with both Warren and Mavis being VERY needy and lots of crying and barking.

Thursday was rainy all day. Warren and I went out for a drive and I put gas in my car. He was super smiley most of the day and only cried when Mae woke him from his naps by barking. She’s not normally a barking dog, but lately she’s been very vocal. I made an orange zest salmon and mashed sweet potatoes for supper that were delicious! We watched the first games of the tournament and learned Warren is fascinated by basketball and HATES commercials! We also had him create a bracket by assigning teams left or right – he made some very bold choices!

How was your week? Do you have any fun weekend plans?

What I Ate Wednesday

I always enjoy other people sharing how they ate throughout a day on Instagram stories, YouTube or through their blog. It inspires me to try new recipes or tweak what I’m enjoying in my day-to-day.

This is what I ate during the day on Tuesday, March 16.

This is my water cup; I try to drink at least three of these a day.
I always put two scoops In my coffee. Not only does it help with hair, skin & nails, but is also really good for all my GI issues!
In my coffee, I put a teaspoon or two of maple syrup and a 1/3 cup of this delicious half and half.
I combine all my coffee components in my shaker to combine them before pouring into a polish pottery mug and topping with a bit of whipped cream.
I drink an 8 oz glass of milk in the morning. Cold milk was a huge pregnancy craving of mine, and now it helps keep up the fat content in my breast milk.
I love a bowl of oatmeal in the morning! Tuesday I put a tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of shredded coconut, two tablespoons of chia seeds and two tablespoons of hemp hearts in my bowl. It was delicious and very filling.
When I take my medicine mid-morning, I prefer to take it with juice – helps with the big horse pills for my Ulcerative Colitis.
I enjoyed two oranges and my sports drink for lunch.
I always make a batch of protein balls for the week and had four as my afternoon snack. They’re so tasty and feel like a treat!
Such an easy recipe from my sister.
Around 3, I was ready for a treat and decided on a cup of my very favorite tea and some shortbread cookies we brought home from the hospital when we had Warren that I hadn’t eaten yet. I adore shortbread cookies alongside a cup of tea!
We ordered takeaway from our favorite pizzeria – I chose the NY hand tossed crust, the ricotta sauce and mozzarella as my topping. Looks like lunch or dinner for another night this week.
I had a Diet Coke with supper.

Weekend Update: 15 March

Happy Monday friends!

This weekend feels like a blur of basketball – some fun games this weekend and I’ve got a lot of teams to pull for in the tournament – three in the same “division”! Here’s hoping Bama and Bonaventure meet in the Elite Eight!

Saturday morning we went on a meandering walk around campus and downtown enjoying the perfect temperature after a rough night of sleep the night before. We wandered up to the stadium to see construction has finished and that it’s ready for football season.

After our walk, we dropped Mavis off at home and headed back downtown to wander some more and grab lunch at our favorite spot. A local branch of Alumni Hall just opened this weekend and I grabbed a new light weight sweatshirt and found a couple other items to keep my eye on. We got to the restaurant at the perfect time to be seated immediately and enjoy lunch before heading home for tip-off of the Alabama-Tennessee’s game.

For lunch we enjoyed a tasty pizza with mozzarella, ham, apple, caramelized onion, goat cheese and arugula. We also grabbed a pretzel and hush puppies to snack on throughout our basketball watching. An indulgent day for sure after climbing the hills all around campus!

Saturday night was another rough one sleep wise. When we woke up, William left for our weekly grocery shop and then when he got home it was time for Tottenham versus Arsenal before we watched the SEC championship game and the A10 Championship game.

William fixed the local rib eye we bought last weekend at the Farmers Market for lunch alongside baked sweet potatoes. The meat was so tender and melt in your mouth good – a lovely treat and easily the best red meat I’ve had in a long time!

The selection show was a fun one , but gracious, did they have to put 3/4 of the team’s I’m pulling for in the same “division”? Here’s hoping App State wins their play in game and that Colorado, St. Bonaventure and Alabama win their games too! Who are you cheering for? How do you make your bracket? I always do one wishful bracket and one realistic bracket. My mama always chooses the blue uniformed teams and catholic schools to do well – and she usually wins her school’s pool!

Enjoy our extra sunlight this week – can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by and how close we are to the first day of spring!

Weekly Wrap Up: 12 March

Happy Friday friends!

I feel like I blinked and this week disappeared.

Monday afternoon William got his covid vaccine! Now we’re just waiting for my tier to open up so I can schedule an appointment for my own vaccine.

We were able to enjoy beautiful spring weather and lots of family walks this week.

We finally pulled the tarp off our patio furniture and Mavis has decided there is nowhere else she’d rather be.

Warren and I ran errands throughout the week – picking out a dress for me for his baptism from our local Belk, finding frames at Hobby Lobby and a few new pieces of spring decor, finding wrapping at Michael’s and printing photos off to give as gifts from our newborn session.

I also had a postpartum GI appointment where we determined all was going well and we’ll followup again in a few months! Gastrointestinal health is such a big part of my life that this was a reassuring appointment.

Wednesday evening we joined a colleague of William’s and her husband for drinks on the patio of our local brewery. It was so nice to spend time with them and enjoy the beautiful weather! Spring is definitely in the air and we’re so excited!

Thursday night we streamed a concert from the performing arts center on campus. I wish we had been able to enjoy the Steep Canyon Rangers concert in person, but it was a fun date night from the couch! William and I both are looking forward to enjoying live music again.

How was your week?

Weekend Update: 8 March

Friday morning started with our TWO month appointment at the pediatrician. Our doctor was pleased with his growth curve. Warren received his first round of vaccines and was so brave.

I spent Friday afternoon predominately snuggling Warren on the couch while William worked. On his way home, William stopped to pick up pizza from a favorite local place – the perfect treat for a Friday night! We watched The Son of Bigfoot, which was so cute! We’re looking forward to the sequel, Bigfoot Family.

Saturday morning began with a run to our storage unit to drop off some empty boxes of baby items so we can store them best when we’re finished, and to pick up our spring decorations box, though we don’t have much spring decor.

After the storage unit, we headed to the winter farmers market. At the farmers market, I picked up two homemade soap bars in the scents of sage and spearmint, some honey sticks (my favorite!), and some steaks for a fun date night soon.

Leaving the farmers market we stopped at a local bakery to grab a fun loaf of bread (Celtic sea salt this week) and some pastries to try before deciding what to order for Warren’s baptism. We tried a pistachio danish that William loved, a pistachio shortbread that I loved, and a lemon lavender scone that we both loved. We also each got a fun latte since it was both such a cold morning and because of poor sleep the night before.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a family walk before enjoying several episodes of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.

Sunday morning William did our weekly grocery shop before we streamed church. After church we enjoyed another family walk before an afternoon of Tottenham football and Alabama basketball.

How was your weekend?

Friday Favorites

Good Morning friends!

Last night was ROUGH in regards to Warren’s sleep, so I’m in for a very long day. Please send happy sleep thoughts our way for this little boy.

Wednesday was such a gorgeous day that Warren and I got out for TWO walks! One in the morning with our friend Kelly and her daughter, and one in the afternoon with William and Mavis. The sunshine, fresh air & movement were all favorites, as was the company.

Celebrating my birthday made me feel so loved. I enjoyed reading messages from friends and family and felt completely spoiled by William’s generosity, and the simple pleasures of how we spent the day.

I had two of the new pistachio lattes from Starbucks this week and love them. I think they have a nice subtle flavor and were such a fun treat!

What were your favorites this week?