I saw Jana of JanaSays answer these questions today and thought it'd make a fun blog post! I've always loved reading, but seem to be back on a big book binge again recently.

1. It truly depends on my schedule and time of year, but lately I'd say about 15-20 hours?

2. I love both! I like the feel of a paper book in my hands best and the smell that accompanies books both old and new, but I love he convenience of an e-reader and the opportunity to read so many ARCs to review that an e-reader brings!

3. My two favorite genres are probably historical fiction and historical nonfiction. I love history and reading about different perspectives and events!

4. I'm not the biggest murder mystery fan, nor do I love many science fiction books, but love fantasy!

5. My biggest bookish pet peeve is when someone says they love a book you love and they can't talk about it; going from feeling like you've found a kindred spirit to not, is just disappointing.

6. My favorite thing about reading is the opportunity to learn something new and to connect with other readers who've read the book. Even if you never talk to them, knowing that someone else has read the same story is really fun.

7. My bookish confession is that I hate Catcher In the Rye. I think it's an awful book. Spoiler, but the fact that you get to the end and have no idea if any of what you just read is true is infuriating. I understand it and why it's a valuable tactic, I just strongly dislike it.

How would you answer these questions?

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